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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - I Might Be Wrong · 0 replies · +3 points

I don't know. I was wrong once, that I'm sure of. It was that one time I thought I was wrong and it turned out I wasn't.

Other than that, I've been perfect, so I'll just rest on my laurels. ;)

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11 years ago @ The New Civil Rights M... - NOM: We Won't Let 'Gay... · 0 replies · +1 points

The ReTHUGlicans (sorry) are really good at framing and semantics. They always get the best words first. So I suspect that the memo came down for everyone to use the word "thug" when referring to people simply trying to regain some civil rights. It's a wonderful 4 letter word, it has the harsh resonance of "fuck", and it's easy for people with lobotomies to remember. A win-win all around, I'd say....

11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Atheists Arming Themse... · 0 replies · +4 points

This is an interesting topic for discussion, vjack.

I've always been anti-gun, both as a societal policy, and personally. I've always felt that the level of gun violence in the country can be measured as a direct proportion to the level of gun love. Without the NRA, our history and culture of the "Wild West" and a bunch of other contributing factors, we'd be much like most of the other "civilized" first world countries, with lower levels of gun violence. I felt like if I bought a gun, for whatever reason, I was simply adding to that.

That being said, as I've gotten longer in the tooth, I've moderated my views to the point where I've actually considered purchasing a gun. I live in a rural/urban area, I have sufficient land on which I could practice without hurting anyone, there is a gun club about a half mile from me as the crow flies (which I can hear, especially on tournament weekends, so often to the point that I really don't hear it anymore); all factors that seems to say "get a gun". My home is close enough to a city that I worry about strangers, yet far enough off the beaten path and isolated enough to feel like I should have self- protection. Sometime I feel It would actually be the responsible thing to do for my family.

Then I read about the accidents, and unintentional deaths that happen, and wouldn't happen but for the existence of a gun in the household.

So, at the moment, I'm in a holding pattern. Not scared enough to do anything about it.

But I never, ever thought about buying a gun to protect myself from theists. What a scary thought! Maybe that will now push me over the gun-purchase cliff. ;)

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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Atheists Arming Themse... · 0 replies · +2 points

I hope it was the mass market paperback, and not a signed first edition. ;)

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11 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Edwina Rogers: The Sec... · 0 replies · +1 points

Well, I'm a big fan of being non-judgmental and giving someone a chance. She may be a fox in the hen-house, but she's in a hen-house full of hens, now. Maybe some feathers will rub off? It's what she does that will be the test, not what she says.

Heightened scrutiny is the course of action for the moment, however.

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12 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - New Atheist Holidays: ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Sounds a little like Halloween. No wonder you favor it. ;)

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12 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - The Assault on Secular... · 0 replies · +3 points

The existence of religion is not threatening to a lack of belief. We non-beleivers will still not believe in nonsense regardless. It seems that religion is more of a threat to secularism than to atheism. With the former, it affects our day to day lives, freedoms and liberties. With the latter, it has no effect whatsoever.

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12 years ago @ Atheist Revolution - Why American Catholics... · 0 replies · +2 points

I wonder if those who left the Church in 1972 (as I did) count in the statistics?

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12 years ago @ You Made Me Say It! - Reason Rally Not A Rel... · 0 replies · +3 points

I'm with you, these days, especially with regard to sports. I've been offered tickets to drive to Philly and watch an Eagles game in their new park (which I admittedly did once) but I'd still be happier to be sitting in my family room watching the game, and even then, I'm reading a book. I have no inclination to be at a Super Bowl. And despite the fact that the Reason Rally was a relatively short drive away, I made no effort, nor did I have the desire to be there. When I was younger, I would have jumped at it, but no longer. Though I have to admit I thought about it seriously. It was a happening event, after all. ;)

12 years ago @ You Made Me Say It! - Reason Rally Not A Rel... · 2 replies · +3 points

Sometimes it's just cool, and fun, and thrilling to be at a "happening " event. Think of those millions of people who reminisce about being at Woodstock even though there were only about 300,000 there. I was at the Watkins Glen concert in 1973, and there were twice as many people there, and it is fun, and cool and thrilling to reminisce about it. If atheism takes off, and people jump on the bandwagon, they'll be looking back on this Rally as a turning point in public acceptance. It's human nature to want to be able to say "I was there".

But, yes, it's not a religious revival. It's an areligious revival. No god required.

So Bruce is in Philly this weekend? Darn, I'm going to miss it.