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oh, i definitely agree with you on part of that point. although when you consider how influential all the teabagger townhall protests were on weak-spined centrist dems, i think the left needs a much more effective and aggressive protest wing as well.

ps. I think the context of protest is important:

President Obama deflected heckling by AIDS protesters during a Saturday rally, suggesting they take up their cause with “the other side” that’s opposed to funding.

A group of people interrupted Obama’s speech before 9,000 in Connecticut chanting “Fund Global AIDS.”

The president was quick to respond to the chorus of protesters saying, “You’ve been appearing at every rally we’ve been doing. And we’re funding global AIDS. And the other side is not. So I don’t know why you think this is a useful strategy to take.”

if ppl think that global aids funding is inadequate, i don't see how protesting obama is the most effective thing they could be doing. i doubt he would refrain from signing a bill that increased global aids funding if presented to him.

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anyone want to take odds on when the huge corruption scandal borne of some shady scanner company exec ties to some politico will come out? I'm pegging 2014

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yes, it is official, I am a cold cold monster :)

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the idea would be to shame them and hold the threat of shame out there to deter shameful things.

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good point. our god is a wrathful god

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so so very will only get worse as the plutocracy embiggens

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i'm especially fond of his ability to be self-deprecating

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rofl. excellent detective work my friend! the house of representatives really is the final refuge for southern high school football heroes, a few northeastern faux American royalty, a passel of countrywide narcissists and an avalanche of tenacious and earnest religious sociopaths.

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"In libertarian theory, if consenting parties agree to something that only affects them, you cannot interfere with it--FULL STOP. "

it is interesting that you would admit to operating from such a simple playing field on this.

let's play around with your FULL STOP.

how far exactly do you take the "only affects them" part? what consideration does your precious theory give to negative externalities?

-- contracts for the sale of organs? ok to regulate/ban that due to negative externalities?

-- contracts between an employee and an employer that say that the employee will never sue the employer for anything, no matter what the employer does? ok to regulate/ban that due to negative externalities?

-- contracts between hospital patients and doctors to limit the doctor's liability? ok to regulate/ban that due to negative externalities?

[ If you're have trouble understanding what the negative externalities in the above situations would be, feel free to ponder further or use the Google. ]