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I've paid for Stumble Upon advertising. I've gotten some bumps in traffic, but not much in the way of returning visitors. I chalk that up to my lack of posting, though and/or lack of good material.
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I'm very interested in the Kindle. The only thing that's holding me back, right now, is the issue of DRM.

I agree with you about the iPad (and any other tablet in general) in that I can't see where I would need such a device. I have a netbook that I use for surfing from the couch and my phone handles just about everything else.
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I think I would try to be gracious about it. When faced with difficult circumstances, many believers think that prayer is the only thing they can do, and they do it because at least they're doing something.

Telling someone you'll pray for them is usually done out of genuine concern for one's well being, and I would take that as the intent even if I thought the prayer would be ineffective.
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I thought Christians were supposed to be 'not of this world' and thus above the bigotry and hatred.

Not in this case, I guess.

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I can appreciate the spirit in which this was done, but I have doubts about the effectiveness.

I work at a small town newspaper which can be very 'church heavy' at times, and when it comes to advertising, we (like most newspapers across the country) aren't going to turn down ad dollars these days unless the ad is overtly pornographic likely to be offensive to the readers. Where I live, church ads will not be offensive to our readers.

By the same token, soda is bad for your health, but newspapers aren't going to turn down a grocer's ad for a sale on 2-liters.

He asks that the church put a disclaimer on the ad -- not going to happen -- and I don't know what he expects the publisher to do because he doesn't explicitly say.

It's good to fight, but one must choose battlegrounds where he has a real shot of making gains if not outright victory.

The battleground Andy has chosen in this case is, I fear, already a loss.

I hope he'll update as to whether the paper runs the letter or not.
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My blog is fairly new and I haven't been hit with any trolls yet, but I have thought about how I'm going to handle it if/when it does happen. I'm looking into the Intense Debate system, but right now my biggest problem is spam comments, which is why have heavy moderation set up.

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My answer is, yes, I would want to deconvert someone if I could. And as Ray stated, I would only want to do it by discussion and providing evidence to support what I think is right.

Let's say you know someone who spends the majority of their day in prayer (yes, I know of such a person) thinking that they're serving god and doing good for the world.

If I could convince that person that actually doing something like joining the Peace Corps or Habitat for Humanity is more effective than talking to the sky, I would certainly have no regrets in doing that.

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I think that if there is a god it's something so alien and incomprehensible to us that, while it would be worth pondering, it certainly wouldn't be worth worshiping.

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Ah. Didn't know that.

So technically you couldn't get drunk on that stuff, right? The grape juice, I mean.

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I argued this miracle with a Christian once and they said that that wine actually meant unfermented grape juice.

It's amazing how some people will twist their holy texts to fit their current worldviews.