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"One objective reality is that our government doesn’t work, not because we have dysfunctional politicians, but because we have dysfunctional voters...(The) goal, then, is not to become President and lead a dysfunctional electorate, but to enlighten the electorate so they might choose the right leaders in the first place."

Neil deGrasse Tyson
New York, Aug. 21, 2011

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I agree but it's too bad your statement is likely over their head and forgotten by the time you are out of sight.

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Any "Non Sequitur" by Wiley Miller readers today(11-20)?

All of that suffering could lead to a fantastic payoff even sooner then many faithful expect--if they are willing to be a part of the plan.

Santorum might have a point; it's just not worth hearing.

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The behavior is unacceptable and should always be discouraged and hopefully, prohibited.

Online, there is nothing wrong with banning anyone, especially an anonymous user, that is guilty of remarks that are nothing more then physical intimidation.

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Besides answers to the "unexplainable," religious faith also provides followers with a constant dose of forgiveness for immoral behavior as well.

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My boys came home with a Christian tract stuffed in their bags.

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We know the response from the White House is shamefully ignorant but until the number of people that are willing to stand up and demand corrections to the most obvious of abuses increase dramatically, nothing will change.

Some politicians may be standing on their toes while keeping watch on those of us concerned with establishment issues, but so far, it seems the Christian voters are the most influential in making them leap into action, too often providing them with their best chance of preserving their job in office.

Closer to home, others have stated that we have greater issues to deal with, so mistakes such as these can wait to be fixed. So if not now--when?

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Perry's tax proposal will rally the fools that fail to comprehend the gravity of our financial mistakes and the steps that will be necessary to correct them.

Any honest GOP candidate will call him out for this proposal.

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No Bob Barr though, right?

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"...where the hell else am I going to go?"

Chicago's recently retired Mayor Daley said the same thing about the Democratic constituency during the last election. I think this helps explain the problem our nation faces with our so-called leadership on all sides of the political aisle.