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Welcome to Idiot America!

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Until we are allowed to slap theists and republicans for their beliefs we may never reach a tipping point. ;~p

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The default position of Atheism is apolitical. However, as humans and members of society our personal and political beliefs are ultimately intertwined. We have seen for decades the mix of religion and politics both conservative and liberal but, mostly conservative, influence politics and in my opinion none of it beneficial. Meanwhile, Atheism has not had any impactful influence while humanism has had some in guise of liberal politics. But, to answer the main question; Yes, I think Atheism has a role in politics if only to counter religion.

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This quote came to mind when reading this post:

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

Steven Weinberg

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Absolutely. Our first year had an average attendance of 5 kids.The second year it was over 20.

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This is why I think that cultural appropriation and cultural insensitivity have been co-mingled.

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I'm certainly not against it and I feel that could generate lots of press. However, I am hot sure if the press coverage would be positive r negative. I would also be very concerned about feeding the Christian persecution narrative.

Along, these lines the group I belong to, Atheists Noted SLO, started an after school club (now in it's second year) focused on reasoning and critical thinking. The club is an extension of one created by a secular group in NY and it is meant to specifically target The God News Cub. When we launched it we put out a press release and at last on local TV newschannel came. However, their reporter seemed overly eager to report on the opposition to it.

Despite the somewhat negative coverage we received we got a lot of interest in it.

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I am thinking I should no longer dress up for Ren Faire.😋

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I shared your post on my FB feed and a friend who's native American took exception to some of it.

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It seems to me that most cultural appropriation accusations come when caucasians where the traditional dress or hair style of another culture. I see much less accusations when people of color dress or wear hair styles of other cultures. What I find hypocritical is with hairstyles. It seems perfectly OK for an asian person to dye their hair blonde or back person to straighten their hair but if a white person wears dreadlocks then all of a sudden it is cultural appropriation. Somewhere along the line I think cultural insensitivity got folded into cultural appropriation so now it is a bad thing. Although, I beleieve it is culturally insensitive to wear a sombrero today and get drunk on tequila to celebrate another cultures (minor) holiday. Just like is not appropriate for everyone to be Irish on St.Patrick's day.