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I have no problem with teaching world as well as Mediterranean religions in a historical context. However, as soon as you get into whether they are true or not then we have a problem. As for the muslim speaker I would not have a problem if he was speaking on the historicity of Islam but not its merits.

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Those that spread it. Propaganda is what countries do.

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I think you should re-read the post.

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Sorry to hear. I know Mississippi Atheists has been a labor of love for a while now. Maybe you can add a monthly post to Atheist Revolution on Atheist issues in Mississippi.

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Once again thank you. In 2005 I too was mad and you were one of the first atheist blogs I read along with Mojey's and Mark's (RIP) Proud Atheist. I am so glad you continue to do this labor of love.

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A tool is useful. Scott Walker is not useful.

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There's always a rebel in the bunch. I saw that a clerk in Texas had issued over 300.

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Texas has basically gone for nullification and Tennessee is doing the Pastor Protection Act. I assume that it is only a matter of time.

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The question remains will Mississippi allow the ruling to go forward unchallenged or will they attempt nullification like other southern states seem intent on doing?

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Something to be proud of: The Catholic Church Will Outlive the Victims of Its Crimes