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I noticed the same in me a few years ago but I never really gave it much thought until now. The athiest group I belong to works to keep this from being a problem by engaging with the religious community.

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In our local group we have good representation of women - about 40% overall. When it comes to taking an activist role in the group it is no less than 50%. However, nearly all of the women in the group are married and and attend with their partner. As for younger women I would have to agree with the Shoreatheist. There is another atheist group in the area that is really a mommies and me play date group that got tired of all the religion in the other groups. There is also a large active campus group at the University near is but they tend to be busy with school.

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This is one of those questions that often leads to writing a book.

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You should go into business and make them yourself!

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I think she was in a movie or a commercial or a play once.

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Jim Bakker is the Gwyneth Paltrow of Christianity!

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Certainly kids today are more "woke" or aware but you have to take into account that religion and hate is hereditary. Despite a child's best intentions they may be indoctrinated with hate from an early age. Although, many schools throughout the country have strived to teach inclusivity there are still far too many that teach intolerance.

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The best quoteI heard was on the local radio station, "Neal Peart was not a once in a lifetime musician, he was a once in forever muscian."

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These are awesome Jack. Thanks for posting.