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This is one of those questions that often leads to writing a book.

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You should go into business and make them yourself!

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I think she was in a movie or a commercial or a play once.

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Jim Bakker is the Gwyneth Paltrow of Christianity!

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Certainly kids today are more "woke" or aware but you have to take into account that religion and hate is hereditary. Despite a child's best intentions they may be indoctrinated with hate from an early age. Although, many schools throughout the country have strived to teach inclusivity there are still far too many that teach intolerance.

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The best quoteI heard was on the local radio station, "Neal Peart was not a once in a lifetime musician, he was a once in forever muscian."

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These are awesome Jack. Thanks for posting.

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One of the things I am seeing a lot is how some atheists are trying to own the moral high ground by calling out the failings of others. In reality the are just squatting on a bully pulpit.

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I would likely ask what they mean by spiritual as is different for most. My wife describes herself as not religious but spiritual. In her case she fully dismisses the idea of god or gods and disdains religion in general. However, she is also attracted to such things as a persons soul and other immaterial things. Therefore, I think the following definition provided by Google fits well: "the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things."