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Lockdown, we have like 20-30 cases here, probably come out of it next Thursday. So just playing PS5.

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Lockdown probably for us, we had a dance party planned! Instead we'll probably be watching AFL football, Bulldogs vs Melbourne.

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Garlic, fresh organic (or at least local, not imported) garlic is miles better. Not just bigger garlic flavour, but less sharp, and well rounded with more depth of taste. As soon as it's gets old, or like the garlic imported from china, it becomes very one note in taste.

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Our dumpster rescued cat likes his new bed. He's swallowed by it.

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Exactly, offices promote the worst kind of politics. Small people wanting to wield power in their own tiny fiefdom.

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The one thing I've noticed over the years is that the people with the most personal stuff at their desks get punished the most politically. The one time I brought stuff in was the only time I've been made "redundant".

I've noticed managers talk down about the people who have a lot of stuff. I think when they see a lot of personal stuff they can more readily judge and pigdon hole them.

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It's so dumb, if you don't mass vaccinate globally, and just hoard vaccines for your self, all those extra variants will make those hoarded vaccines landfill and make this virus never ending.

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Yep, also the US government still has an embargo on the raw materials needed to make vaccines from going to India, right when they are having the biggest spike in cases ever, even though the US has a vaccine surplus. Regardless of the US political party in charge, "America First" policy is alive and well.

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I saw the look on her face, your defense is ill advised, and will bring nothing but shame.