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He really is bringing back the Obama government, bombs and drone strikes. Bringing America back to business as usual.

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I've been watching old survivor seasons. It's great TV, but fuck the producers and casting directors of that show. So many seasons just packing the cast with mentally ill people, and straight up sociopaths!

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But Nick Kyrgios makes it all worth it. He's a legend!
[youtube -qDbLRdTOkc youtube]

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I know it's a unpopular opinion among some people here, but closing schools was a bit of a cornerstone of our recovery.

You could move here in a work visa, the lifestyle house design tv market here is in the top 2-3 watched shows on the country!

It's basically The Block (house renovation competition show), Masterchef and Married At First Sight.

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We've got a cocktail party to go to tonight, spending too much energy on a guy who's bored with home parenting is not worth it (or at least bored with his wife doing it). I'm bringing the rye for old fashioneds, and our host is making a ton of margaritas. I haven't heard what other booze people are bringing, but it's gonna get messy. Plus there will be a bunny and a cat to meet.

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He's like our resident Bill O'Reilly, giving us hard truths and in depth reporting, while we're just waiting for his late career sex scandal to come out.

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AOC invented anthem kneeling while forcibly vaccinating a flag.
I mean I'm kinda on board with this.

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I mean you can't deny the curb appeal of the smell of roasting lamb. In Oklahoma we lived next door to a hostess / sara lee factory. The smell each morning was amazing.

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Nah, I don't think they are here, but posters exactly like this primarily exist here in fish and chip stores. Especially the souvlaki posters because fish and chips stores used to be run by Greeks here. Chico roll posters are the most common.

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Looks like I've got my weekend dinner plans sorted.