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Its an online game created by a company here in Atlanta. In January they had their first world championships where teams from all over the world competed for a 2+ million dollar prize pool. They had a cosplay contest there for characters from their game. I placed first in the male entries.

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That sounds awesome! No idea what it is exactly but if Cosplays involved it should be fun.

I've done both a League of Legends Cosplay and a Smite Cosplay, that I placed first with at cosplay contest at the Smite World Championships in Atlanta. Won a nice chunk of change with that!

Let me know if you need any info on bits and pieces!

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Sorry it took so long for me to reply to this. Work got crazy and it slipped my mind.

I can't remember the exact date I started playing but probably around 4-5 years ago. I've always played with the same group of friends throughout the years and very rarely played with all strangers on my team.

The games grown an insane amount, it feels like everyones at least heard of the game and I'm always surprised by who plays it.
There are a ton more girls playing it then people realize. Sure some only play against the AI or the just for fun ARAM mode but just as many play it seriously and are really good at the game. The cosplay scene has really blown up around the characters as well. There will often be more League cosplayers at the conventions than any other games, shows or comics.

I haven't witnessed an "aging" out problem. People play the game in waves, getting really into it for a few months then taking a break for a month or two before jumping back in again. It helps the game stay fresh and can help stop you from getting angry when you're taking it to seriously.

The community is like any other online community. There are good people and there are assholes. The issue with league is that when you agree to play a game thats a 20-60 minute investment that can be messed up by one persons mistake. This leads to people losing their cool and raging much easier than other games.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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I do! What insights are you looking for exactly?

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I bought my ticket for it right after this past year. It was the first time I went and I had a blast!

Are you going again this year?

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I placed 1st in the Smite World Championship Cosplay Contest

Atlanta hosted the Smite World Championships this past weekend and had a big costume contest.

This has been my project for the past month! I worked on this for a month straight while also working full time. I'm really proud of it but am also incredibly happy for it to be over.

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Merry Late Christmas!

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Mediocre leaning towards the bad side.

This entire seasons been really off for me. Even though I really like Capaldi and Clara it just didn't feel as fun to me as it usually is.

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I plan on picking it up once it goes on sale and the Oculus Rift CV gets released.

It looks like a really good game though!

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Better add in some Jokerman and some Comic Sans to make it look professional.

Then add a nice orange gradient word art header. Oh its near Halloween so lets just add some Chiller in as well.......