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Our justice system failed when the court decided that the government can tax us for these benifits. I would argue that this is not a tax, but a fine for failure to participate in the government run healthcare system. The so called tax does not provide you benefits, so it is a fine. This IS a violation of our commerce laws. There is NO means for our government to make anyone participate in any free market.

The religious argument also applies to the argument dor citizens who do not believe in American medicine. There are no insurance programs available that cover alternative medicine, and the free people in America have a right to choose their form of healthcare. Since the current system being setup totally ignores these peoples rights it is not legal. Our courts failed to even acknowledge this issue, which should have been used to overturn this legislation. The people in DC cannot take away our right to our own decisions on our own healthcare.

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If we can't learn from our past mistakes we are DOOMED to FAIL!

This holds true for the tax debate, and the gun laws as well.

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How manh rich people do they have to tax to pay for all of the waste?

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Unemployment rates dropped because our government is manipulating the numbers. Just who does ghe government think they are fooling with these phony numbers? These people do NOT drop out of the work force. Just because they have been unemployed for a long period does not mean they do not still want to work. These are real people with real families, who would like to have a means of supporting themselves. If you asked most of them they would still consider themselves unemployed. The governments failure to grow our economy is destroying the American dream.

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Maybe we need to implement an IQ test to work in DC. It seems that NOBODY in DC understands cause and effect of anything they do. Ethanol was a bad idea from the start, and has continually proven to be a bad idea. Anyone with a brain should be able to understand that.

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The world needs to figure out that the only way to protect a computer in NOT to hook it up to the internet. There is NO SUCH THING AS CYBER SECURITY. Every computer on the net is vulnerable no matter how much supposed security software they have.

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ObamaCare was an overreach at all levels, in an attempt to force a later conservative compromise. We should NOT compromise our values ever. The Federal government needs to be shut down, instead of being the backstop for all redistribution plans. The states need to be responsible for themselves. The Federal Government is not the Federal Insurance Company that can fix eveyones needs. It doesn't work that way!

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Romney can wipe out ANY Executive order. We do need to make this one a priority. Are you listening out there in Romney Land?

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Most people are unaware that the batteries from a electric car are more toxic long term than the pollution from driving something as big as a Hummer. Electric cars are a LONG WAY FROM BEING GREEN! Their tailpipe may be cleaner, but that's where it stops.

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Cyber Security is about FRAUD! There is NO SUCH THING..PERIOD! If it's on the net it's vulnerable. There is no way to stop bad people from doing bad things on the net. Even our military computers have been broken into. Every bank has been broken into.

Even if the computers are not on the net they are still vulnerable. Look at what we did to the Iranian Nuke program, by having someone carry in a thumb drive with a virus. Computers only do what they are instructed to do. They cannot think more than what someone tells it to think. The only question is which side has the better programmers. The evidence points to the bad guys, with all of the hacking recently.