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Rino extraordinaire, Huckabee, is nothing more than a modern day Jimmy Carter.

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Old, crybaby and rino extraordinaire, Huckabee, earned that moniker by preaching liberal ideas. Now he complains. What a whiney, snively wuus.

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My belief from study is that congress only has the constitutional right to write law. Any action by a president by means of executive order other than to effect change in the administrative branch is null and void at state level since it did not originate in congress. Correct me if I am wrong.

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It is time to remove the political aristocracy that has invaded both parties. I seriously doubt that the founders expected service in the house or senate to be career positions.

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Hug, hug, kiss, kiss. Maybe that's why Baghdad Jay resigned.

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Does a brick have a PHD? Is ignorance, stupidity, and blind, bootlicking loyalty rewarded among the establishment, old boys club, go along to get along, don't make a wave part of the rino crowd? If either is true, Rove is a shining light among the bottom feeding parasites who strive to maintain the status quo within the party and the asininity within spin city east, home to the thought police.

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Good grief. With todays telephoto lenses and cameras, 3 miles is nothing. A helicopter can stay at a 300 - 500 foot hover and with a good video camera and telephoto lens see quite well. What a waste of time, trouble, and effort. Typical fail for a federal agency. However, the government wants to spread the resistance is futile thingy and you will be assimilated into the new "1984."

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Yep, a political, don't make a wave, go along to get along, old boys club establishment tool and scumbag be Joe Nosef.

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Crispy Cream will say and do whatever it takes to get his name on the ballot. He is nothing more than a chunky jackass posing as a rino.

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Come on. It's just another vacation for the queen and her family. She has to get as much sightseeing in as possible before 2017. That's when she supposedly will be spending her own dime to travel minus the comfort of a taxpayer provided 747.