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Obama is not even a pimple on Gandhi's a$$.

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Useful idiots for the communist cause. Too bad they didn't learn the true history of communism when they were in school. 100 million dead under communism in the 20th century. The thing is under communism these people are usually the first to go.

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Condoms are cheap and protect from more than pregnancy, which birth control pills don't.

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Chicago tactics. Obama will be a dictator if we don't vote him out and all his democratic cronies.

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I have a couple of points. The first is that under the 14th amendment if you are born in the US you have a RIGHT to be here. Second if being a US citizen is a privilege, then he should be figuring out a away for the 49.5% who pay no taxes to pay their fair share. Way to go TurboTax Tim. Show us how it is done by being an example and paying your fair share on time like the rest of us. If you hadn't been caught you wouldn't have paid. You are a liar and a cheat.

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The thing about not paying your taxes is that the IRS has great powers given to them by the congress to get your tax dollars. They are so strong that due process almost doesn't exist. For more information on just how powerful they are just ask Al Capone. The government couldn't lock him up for killing people, but he spent a long time in prison for tax evasion. The IRS will have no mercy on you either Cindy.

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Just a little perspective on how wonderful Communism is. The following is a list of deaths to people who lived in communist countries but later died because the disagreed with their dear leaders. To the wannabe communists in this country most of you are useful idiots.
65 million in the People's Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union[3]
2 million in Cambodia
2 million in North Korea
1.7 million in Africa
1.5 million in Afghanistan
1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
1 million in Vietnam[4]
150,000 in Latin America
10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power." So far.

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Obama needs to realize that he is a product of his liberal/progressive environment. He was never taught to take responsibility for any of his own actions. Walk into any court room and watch the defense try to convince the jurors that it is not the defendants fault, the defendant couldn't help himself because of his terrible life experience. This is what the man knows. He needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible. If we can vote him out this November we won't have to listen to him anymore, just look at Jimmy Carter. Nobody cares what a failed president has to say. The reason he wants reelection is to ensure high dollar speaking fees to support Michelle's lavish lifestyle.

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We are living more and more in a police state. The Constitution it is old and outdated. Just ask Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice.

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I am now carrying sticky notes in my car with Steven Chu's quote and, and Obama's quote "under my energy plan prices will necessarily skyrocket" placing them on gas pumps when I put gas in my tank.