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That's about all Obama deserves.

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*He canceled missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic without bringing either country into the decision. He has pretty much given the Russians a check over our own missile defense system.
*His admiinistration has leaked information about plans for Israel's affack on Iran, information about the Bin Laden raid, information of our cyber war with Iran.
*Early on in his administration, he wanted to try Gitmo terrorists in US courts giving them US criminal rights.
*He refused to label acts of domestic terrorism as that - such as the Fort Hood shootings, calling is workplace violence.

And Obama is strong on security??????? As Eastwood said, when they don't do the job, you got to let them go. WE MUST GET RID OF OBAMA IN NOVEMBER!!!!

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On all fronts, Obama has failed:
*Iraq is under Iranian influence which is growing as the government disstablizes.
*In Afghanistan, Obama wants to negotiate with the Taliban to allow us to withdraw from that country. (Taliban played host to Bin Laden)
*In Egypt, Obama's undefined policy helped overthrow 30 year ally Mubarak. Now we have a hostile Musloim Brotherhood in charge, who may cancel the 1979 Camp David Accord with Israel.
*Sure he helped overthrow Gaddaffi, hardly a threat, but has done little about Assad in Syria.
*Iran still pursued its desire for a nuclear weapon that it says it will use against Israel. (and probably use to threaten Sunni Saudi Arabia)
*In Yemen, a pro-US ally was overthrown as al-Qaeda struggles to gain control of that country.
*Obama has made cuts to our nuclear arsenal and would like to get down to 300 warheads, possibly zero. That is a pipedream, but does he know that????

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Shariah has come to the theocratic Islamic Republic of Egypt. Democracy???? Western fashions and influences???? No, the new Mullahs of the Muslim Brotherhood are ready to take Egypt back in time just like Khomeini did in Iran. However, this is what the people of Egypt wanted. So be it. Unfortunately, the oppression is going to increase dramatically, particularly against Coptic Christians.

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The idea of this particular tax would go a long way toward Obama's idea of a redistribute of American wealth to the countries of Africa, South America, Asia. The capitlalists would, at last, be paying for the sins of their colonial ancestors. The exploitation would indeed be at an end. It should be pointed out that our poor are wealthy by the standards of measuring poverty in the rest of the world. This would go a long way to leveling the playing field in Obama's mind. As for the idea of a GREEN tax, it is not because Obama believes in the environmental cause. If he did, he would not have given money to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico to drill for oil. This is a tax that CONFISCATES wealth, money that can be used for all of Obama's schemes.

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*While religious courts are permitted, their authority is limited to doctrinal, ceremonial, organizational duties for which they have been established.

*Religious institutions or congregations may, for purposes of membership, require that certain religious tenets and other obligations be observed. However, the usage of physical punishments for violations of such tenets is forbidden.

*Expulsion from a religious organization or congregation does not constitute mental injury to an individual.

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Here is an amendment that I feel may need to be added to our Constitution in order to insure religious liberty for all of us and to stop the spread, specifically, of Sharia Law.


*While all citizens enjoy freedom of religious preference within this country or its territories, and individuals have a right to ground their offspring in the tenets of a particular religion, practices forbidden are those which:
1) coerce belief in individuals by the use of force;
2) indoctrinate minors using public funds in the tenets of a religion for purposes of conversion;
3) use religious law to physically, mentally or monetarily harm an individual;
4) are in conflict with a citizen's rights under the Constitution & its Amendments.

*Nor shall the practices or beliefs of a religious group:
1) serve as the basis for local, state and federal laws, and how it is adjudicated in courts of any jurisdiction;
2) be imposed on the citizens of any municipality or state;
3) be imposed upon any business concern;
4) seek to overthrow by subversion or insurrection governmental institutions.

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And there is not a new Islamic war going on????? Chirstians across the Islamic world are threatened as never before in Modern times. Radical Islam has given way to total intolerance. Chiristians and Jews are viewed as the infidel and their deaths are pleasing to Allah. And what is the West saying about all this?????? Nothing. And the Islamists are smart - using Western freedoms to protect their own enclaves within Western countries. They use those freedoms to inluence the create of laws favorable to them. And Obama is perfectly alright with this.

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Israel has the right of self-defense. It can expect no aid from Obama. His Joint Chief of Staff stooge signalled as of such. However, should Israel attack, Obama will join the chorus of those condemning Israel because it is the popular thing to do. Oil prices will shoot through the roof, but he will be able to blame Israel for doing this thereby shielding himself from any blame. Countries like Saudi Arabia will secretly applaud this action, but will not say so publicly. Egypt is the wild card. Will Egypt stay neutral in lieu of this attack????? Certainly Hamas and Hezbollah will not. Any action against Hamas could, however, draw Egypt in as their defender. Egyptian President Morsi wants to be leader of the Islamic world. Seeing Iran attacked would be to his interest. However, he could use it to rally other Islamic counries against Zionist aggression, though secretly, he is happy to see Iran defanged for the moment.

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National Chair Day on Labor Day. Put up the flag, possibly upside down in emergency mode. Under it put out an empty chair. Thanks, Clint. A simple metaphor, but an excellent one.