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Since when does mSNBc carry any cred with the public?

Here's a nice little collection:

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Have a good one, Connie. Enjoy the rain. I will. While you're listening to music, here is something for the Advent season. Waiting.

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Some mighty clear thinking coming just three days after that Democrat, election.

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chopper, thanks for that message, even though it was meant for aPLW. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and their absence of any mention of any holiday, mostly conspicuously Christmas was so offensive I'm still pissed about it.

Solution: Make up little slips of paper with your message on it and give them out to all the grinches. Heck, even the non-grinches. I'll be damned if those secular collectivists will pretend Christmas doesn't exist.

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I hope not at that giant ammo booth that offers such great prices on .00 buck.

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Keep. Brilliant. I think you're on to something. Calling Coach Whiz...

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Okay, on Levin today he was screaming at Boehner in his mic to get the House to CUT the middle class tax rates and to leave them alone for everyone else, let it go over to the Senate and then wash their hands clean of it all.

Makes sense and it looks just like what you described. Put that way, I get it and I think it's a good strategy. Will they do it? Heeeellll no.
In fact, I just read on BB that Boehner just cut four conservatives out of their plum committee assignments. Man am I pissed.

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The election put a chill down everyone's back. Holidays are busy so it makes sense it'll be slow here. And with dire economic straits coming down the pike, it's hunker down and cover your a**. It's going to get mighty ugly and I think some serious prepping is going on.

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Thank you for making room for him here. I look forward to future posts and discussions.

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Right, and I'll bet Diane Sawyer lives in two hundred square feet.

Perhaps the thing I despise most about the Left is the virtue they place on everything they embrace, Environmentalism being the greatest, somehow, virtue of all.

Small dwellings are not a virtue but a choice. Nothing more, nothing less. But then, that's the difference between conservative and the Left. They seek to force their virtue upon everyone else, willing or not.

That said, I happen to love the idea of a small house. Just not that small. And I'll need a very large shed to store all the stuff I can't fit in my home.