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Through the backdoor, rabid Lefitist environmental and animal rights groups have been pulling the strings at EPA for years, thus Jackson's need for an off the record avenue with which to communicate with her bosses makes perfect sense.

The saboteurs of Capitalism are no longer burdened with what most citizens of America would expect as a formal legal process for turning questionable complaints against business and suspicions of producer wrongdoing into crushing rules. In fact, EPA merely needs to receive a complaint, backed up with any old questionable "scientific" data, signed off on by any ole pseudo-scientist, after which they issue a "finding", basically ruling in favor of the complaining party, spewing out new rules/regs and issuing business crushing fines willy-nilly.

Those producers who come under EPA's "special" scrutiny have no recourse other than to submit to outlandish rule changes designed to kill their ability to maintain their line of businesses, or fight their way through the courts at their own expense. Many are smallish businesses and producers, who simply don't have the resources to pull off such a monumenetal coordinated legal fight. They begin the legal process against injustice based on moral outrage, only to eventually realize the legal expense to fight the Fed Govt all the way to the highest courts will result in their bankruptcy.

In other words, once targeted, YOU the individual are going down, one way or the other. Dr Gary Baize blogs about EPA's outrageous jack-booted thugery at <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <a href="" target="_blank"> under "Defending Agriculture". His focus is reporting on EPA's injustice, ham-handed treatment and arrogance toward ag producers. I'm sure many other industries have their own interesting reportage of interaction with the agency.

In light of recent revelations, the question is, were the EPA targets TEA Party enthusiasts, or large (R) donors?

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... took an argument for not bombing Muslim countries, stripped out the context and tried to pass it off as a call for genocide.

And most troubling is that their strategy works with the lo-info crowd, no matter their religious bent.

As unsophisticated as Islam seems, the promoters and defenders are anything but. Very good Alinsky they employ against you sir.

By now we understand, when we are defending, it is almost impossible to move forward.

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The raid to seize such a limited stash of product indicates that the snitch on your neighbor phase of communism is in full play with the Venezuelan proletariat.

Generalissimo o-Bunghole has made a few forays into activating that sort of behavior among his sycophant base as well. Oh happy days ahead!

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This is an outrageous instance of overkill reaction, and a perfect argument for home schooling. The current system leaves children scarred for life, even without events such as this.

What better way to make little boys afraid of guns than to see their classmate ostracized and made an example of, so unjustly and over such triviality?

Zero Tolerance is merely blanket imposition of injustice, posing as a safety mechanism. It was designed to protect mealy-mouthed school administrative bureaucrats from the people to whom they should answer. It came about because of the flood of female school administrators, who don't have the self confidence to say, NO - Because I said so!

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IMO we should spend whatever it takes to purchase Dr Afridi's freedom, with that of his extended family. THIS is a perfect instance of chain immigration being justified.

Ham-handed Hillary and Pitiful Panetta won't ever pay for their "mistakes". I promise you when the blame shakes out, their names will be forgotten... however over the world people like the doctor who recognize evil, will remember what the U.S.A. did to him. Frankly I suspect Panetta sold him down the river intentionally. A CIA chief just can't be that sloppy. We should see to it that the man is released from that Pak jail.

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Wow, I'm shocked!

Perhaps GWB is holding out for his brother's "better" version of amnesty and justice for all river wading, visa jumping lawbreakers?

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the former president declared he has "retired from politics"?

Bottom line: It's hard to say NO when it may result in you being labelled a racist.

Congress needs to realize, Americans no longer trust monster, comprehensive legislation packages. A few baby steps allowing us to measure executive branch follow through might possibly get passed. Otherwise, forget it. With oCare we learned sensational PR campaigns wrapped around serious legislation do not necessarily lead to favorable outcomes for Americans.

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... Jebbie Baby and Rand... EWWW!

One has brother baggage, the other has father baggage...

We need a Star Search...

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Yeah, like the Feds left the KKK alone...

Amazing juxtaposition actually. They both wear bedsheets and chant hatred and murder.

The Klan was ridiculed and ostracized out of existence by the media... whereas the media races to prevent backlash against the sheet-wearing, freedom hating, Islamist goat herders.


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Yes, and the mid and low level Fed bureaucracies have been thoroughly seeded with enemies of personal freedom, individual liberty and rue of U.S. Constitutional law. The "house cleaning" will not be for the faint of heart. Running out of money to pay the leaches may prove to be a blessing... although tough to contemplate.

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Thanks Daniel... This one had me falling off my chair laughing.

I miss Grammatico's pieces at Big Journalism. Sweet memories of uproarious laughter.