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Stay classy Oklahoma!

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Didn't James O'Keefe and Lila Rose call around to lots of Planned Parenthood offices in multiple States and they were told PP doesn't do breast cancer screenings and would only give them names of Doctors they could call? This cancer screening is just a lot of BS to make it sound like poor women are going to start dying from breast cancer if the Republicans reduce or de-fund PP. The Dems are outright shameless liars when it comes to the real purpose of PP.

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Bench the problem players with the bad attitudes, and play the rest even if they are sophomores and freshmen. In a situation like this, player seniority shouldn't mean jack-squat if they aren't going to be leaders on the basketball floor.

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Here is the beauty salon website. Check out his picture. What a pretty man!

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David Gergen is a political ho who will do anything for a price. This guy used to work for Republicans and talked conservatively with the best of them but once he found a job with a liberal news outlet his true colors are showing. Since he burned the bridge with conservatives he realizes he has to go to the far left to keep his job since the liberal networks are getting rid of conservatives. He is just a feckless liberal troll.

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Stephanopoulos earned his prized kneepads in the Clinton administration. Of course he was prepped.

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I bet nobody wanted to sit next to the POS, so every time he was seated by security, someone next to him would complain and they'd have to move him to another spot. He finally realized he wasn't wanted there. Sucks to be you BB.

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Have they figured out the cure for the mental disorder known as liberalism? I recommend the combination of a lobotomy & castration, unless they pay a lot of taxes, then I'd be OK with a combination of castration & taking away their right to vote.

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The Tea Party hasn't disappeared. We are biding our time. After the 2010 election we know we have the power and we'll make it happen again in 2012, along with lots of people in the center who have seen Obama for what he is.

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Neo, you are in serious need of a good BJ to mellow you out. It must be hard to goose step everywhere you go!