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Simple county logic is often the best logic. You should have heard my liberal classmates at Stanford Law School howl then the Bakke decision was published in 1978. In debate after debate I used essentailly your logic that the Constitution should be color blind...and threw in a few quotes from Martin Luther King especially the one lefties love to quote: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

When the lefties would respond with the standard sheep like bleat that affirmative action was necessary to redress past wrongs I would then quote a line out of George Orwell's Animal Farm: "All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others." I usually ended such debates by saying that there is no logical, moral or legal justification for racial preferences of any type, the constitution is color blind. Needless to say my commie classmates and I did not agree on much.

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John, I am no avid fan of the "Supremes", especially after Roosevelt's attempt to pack the court and how the the court bowed to the will of a near commie dictator to save its "independence" is disgusting. If the Supreme Court had not given in on the New Deal legislation by allowing the Federal government to create laws and regulations far beyond its Constitutional bounds, we would not have the Federal behemoth today. However, Newt talks of eliminating courts, firing (impeaching) judges, etc. There are lots of judges I would love to see removed from the bench, but if we go down that trail the commiecrates will do the same but 20 times worse and eliminate all conservative judges.

The judiciary must remain independent. The US Senate MUST stop appointing commie political hacks as Federal Judges. In the states where judges are elected the citizenry must read and learn about the judicial candidates, work for the good ones, give donations and do everything possible to put experienced judges on the bench who will render opinions based on the law and not their feelings or their view of reshaping society. Restore the independence of the judiciary.

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Being a direct descendant of survivors of the Donner Party I have always found some of Dr. Hannibal Lecture's comments especially humorous. Hmmm....I wonder if he would appreciate a well fed liberal activist. He might, but I will stick to well fed nice fatty goose and duck liver....yummy. As for the libs, lets just vote commie politicians out of office around the nation in November and take back our country!

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TGrue fois gras is rather expensive and a really treat....Delicious....and come to think of it Exquisite also comes to mind.

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During peacetime the Coast Guard is under the control of the Secretary of the Treasury. It is a unique service. There are every bit military, in fact the first Medal of Honor at Guadalcannal in 1942 went to a Coast Gardsman.

They are charged with life saving activiites (maritime rescues), the prevention of smuggling (in the old days the smugglers were attempting to avoid tarrifs that were collected through the Treasury Department), oversight of fishing off the coasts of the US, etc. As for ships docked at American ports they are charged with the protection of port and harbor facilites and under the idea of promoting sea commerce the safety of ships and their crews and cargo while in port.

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Churchill looks sad and contemplative. I am sure he understood what was about to happen in Europe under the iron first and boot of the commies.

FDR's legacy is the enslavement of half of Europe for 50 years and the destruction of any limits on the authority of the Federal government. Something he can be proud of as he burns in hell.

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A whole bunch...look 'em up in the material that has been declassified about Project Venona and the breaking of Soviet coded messages in the early 1940's.

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Sisty, my hat is off to you. I did not know the first dump came from an IP address in Saudi Arabia. I agree they certainly would not be supporters of Kyoto.

You are right, this will make a great movie when the facts finally come out.

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Sisty, I like how you put it...commies eating commies.

It is interesting that the files were uploaded from a server in the Soviet Union...errrr...Russia...I have to remeber who they are...ahhh...maybe Soviet Union was the correct phrase. If it really was Soviet/Russian intelligence I would expect them not to leave a finger print and instead have it come from a server in the US, UK, Australia or a close ally. This is the fun part of the Spook business who would have the most to gain, if anything, by having the files come from a server in the Soviet Union/Russia. It is not the US because Ocommie and his loons are 100% in favor of the treaty. Most governments of the Western world support the treaty. But who would have the capability......Israelies????? It is in the best interest of Isreal to have a strong US and Europe....an interesting question.

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Wow...you mean libs have marital issues as well............you mean they are human?

I do not believe it...the human part that is.