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11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - Open Discussion · 1 reply · +3 points

I will.
But not because you suggested it.

But because there is nothing positive that I can add here. I spent the past four years arguing about politics. I am certainly not going to spend the next four years arguing about religion, or some mere mortals interpretation of it.

I used to enjoy commenting and interacting with folks. Now I mainly watch from the sidelines. It is quite entertaining. This forum has all the earmarks of being a three ring circus. Everyone is here. You, WeeTodd, Serf, et al. It won't be long until CognitiveDissident and KevinStowell arrive on the scene to complete the act. I see that even HigPainsDribbler made his obligatory appearance yesterday. Once he starts commenting with his numerous duplicitous characters, the stage will be set with the complete cast of characters.

I'm just waiting for you to run off to gather your reinforcements to support your lame arguments. Once you bring LookingForInsanity and ForConstipation into the fold, the three of you will have your old Troika of Trolls complete.


Oh, and I'll leave space immediately underneath this comment, for you to get the last word in. You act like a Yenta...........

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - Open Discussion · 3 replies · +3 points

Roger, you are a disingenuous fraud.
Disingenuous albeit transparent.

I remember a couple of years back, when you got 150 points. You ran hither and yon, skipping up and down the cyber-hallways of the Inter-webz, shouting and somersaulting, wanting folks to throw you a party with a cyber-celebratory-cake. That was only a prelude, a dress rehearsal, to your breaking the magic number of 100,000 posts. That celebration went on in your mind for over a month. You flitted hither and yon to multiple forums, telling everyone that you had reached a milestone of 100 thousand posts. Your life is now complete, you have reached your goal. I apologize for being remiss in not formally acknowledging your personal achievement. Here is your prize .

When your thumbs are removed all together, you know where you can put them.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - Open Discussion · 1 reply · +4 points

Classic textbook and clinical Chronic Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - Open Discussion · 2 replies · +3 points

With all due respect, that won't happen. Some of those folks have too much negative history. Others are apparently mentally afflicted, with OCD and other serious issues. Some simply have a mean streak, and grace and compassion are outside of their grasp.

I'd like to also address your question above, regarding the thumbs up thing. You made an executive decision, but in my opinion you made the wrong one. Having only a "thumbs up" application, turns things into an echo chamber. Everyone can show up, and get a prize. Some folks are only here for two reasons, and two reasons only. To see how many total posts they can make, and to see how many total points they can accumulate. I was active in another blog for a time, and the owner made the same decision that you have made. The blog was very active for a time. Today, it is a cyber-wasteland. Few people go there anymore, not even the Trolls. There are a few hangers on, whose sole purpose in life is to get to 150 points. That was the number one reason that I left. If one can only vote "positive" or vote in the affirmative, the results are false. It is akin to living in a fantasy world.

You seem to be real honest and sincere in your quest for answers. That is good. When I found your blog a week ago, it interested me. I watched as most of the folks who have ruined other forums turned up, adding additional rings to the Circus. I made the decision that there is not much I can add to your forum.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 324 replies · +3 points

I have been excellent.
I rarely comment anywhere anymore.

I had read that Wolverine site off and on for a couple of months. It is sad that the same handful of morons took down another one. Take this site for example. I see the young fellow was looking for answers, and asking honest questions. You appeared at the top of the thread, having a rational discussion with him. It wasn't long until your resident troll showed up right on your heels, begging for attention, begging to be the martyr. He really needs to check himself into the Nervous Hospital.

It would probably be a rare day that you and I would agree on much, but I have always respected your opinion.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 54 replies · 0 points

Guaranteed this will be an interesting thread.

Just wait until all the fundamentalists show up. They'll have their yarmulkes in a knot, and prepare a bonfire to barbecue the heathen non believers. Anyone not toeing the party line; whether that be religious, or political.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 328 replies · +4 points

Serf, WeeToddEdwards, MacHines and CognitiveDissident make a whole lot more sense than you do.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 5 replies · +4 points

Roger, spare me your passive-aggressive martyrdom routine.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 7 replies · +3 points


Not in the least.

.........and I am certainly not here to exchange phony pleasantries with you.

11 years ago @ Do You Believe That? - About · 330 replies · +4 points

You are a hero all right.
A hero in your own mind.

You drove them nuts at Breitbart.
You have detracted from the value of every forum you have ever participated on.

Although minute, you are the secondary reason I left Navy's site and no longer participate.

You are an internet gadfly.

A Cyber-syphilis.