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What's going on with Fox? Hardly watch them anymore. Thank God for the Internet.

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Since when does a parasite care about the host?

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Does every asswhipe in Washington require 6 secret service agents? How much do we pay for this?

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One would think that Arizona, being the state with the most sunshine in the country would be the proving grounds for this technology. That's right, it's a right to work state and red. Never mind. Solar doesn't work for anything besides a roof top water heater. An awfully expensive one at that.

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My thoughts are this legislation is clearing the field now that the US government is getting involved in the development process of pharmaceuticals.

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I almost didn't watch the speech because of the 45 minutes. I am so glad I decided to be late. I was able to ignore the whine and really paid attention to her words and thoughts. I hope she runs. I would be proud to vote for this Lady.

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As long as it doesn't sound like her screechy whiny voice I might get one. It would be awesome to send up on a toy rocket.

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Ah, the good old days when a billion dollars seemed like a lot of money. Now it's only campaign stash.

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Let's pick a date and go in mass to Washington. Count me in, I'll bring a few with me as well.

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I'm the same Cowboy. One of the few I watch.