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Death by a thousand cuts.
Though the rating of the individual MSM Liberal Outlets are small, there are many MSM Liberal Outlets.
Liberals infesting the MSM complex is systemic and it all starts in J School.

Conservatives need to invest in Journalism at the University Level, Fox News needs to get rid of Liberal Staff and start pulling in more Conservative Staff, Shepard Smith should be the first to go at Fox News.

Conservatives also need to confront Liberals directly and be proud to turn to Conservative News Outlets instead of Liberal News Outlets.

Conservatives in Government need to cut off all Taxpayer Funding for Liberal News Outlets like NPR and PBS, as well as News Papers and Websites... as well as pledge that no News Outlets will ever receive Government Funding of any kind.

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While not all liars can call themselves Democrats, all Democrats have shown themselves to be liars at one point on time or another.
With Wasserman-Schultz lying seems to be the norm.

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If Romney wants the TEA Party Vote he will go with LTC West.

Colonel West brings more to the table than Ryan as VP choice in the National scope.
Ryan would however make an excellent Treasury Secretary.

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It is a known fact that Liberals have intentionally and needlessly killed more Innocent Humans inside the Untied States of America with an Ice Pick, Vacuum, and Coat Hanger than all the Guns in the Nation have killed since the Founding of the Nation.

It is a fact that the best way to protect Innocent Life in the United States of America is to get rid of Liberalism altogether.

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Was discussing workers unions the other day, about how entire Government Agencies need to be disbanded because of malfeasance and was ridiculed because workers there would lose retirement benefits and may not have been the ones who performed poorly.

My answer to that was Collective Bargaining at the time of Employment for Pay and Benefits demands Collective Punishments when things go south.

Unions Swim as a Unit, so too should Unions Sink as a Unit.

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If the people vote to become Communists then let them become Communists, and refuse to offer any assistance after that.

The whole trouble is people have been voting, and when things go south because of the votes the entire world rushes in with bars of gold and baskets of goodies to offer the People of the country who voted the wrong thing in to begin with.

Elections Have Consequences

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Penn State, along with every University in the Nation, ought to boycott the NCAA.

No College Sports for 10 years.

No TV money going to the NCAA means no big time NCAA jobs. Make College only about learning for a decade, or two.

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Who in their right minds would ever listen to any Union Representative in the United States of America?
Workers Unions by definition are Communist Entities.

I do find it some what humorous that Communist Countries are going tits up all over the world.... and Unions want the United States to become Communist.

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The School should be dismantled, brick by brick, stone by stone, nail by nail.

If they took the Statue of Joe Paterno down then the entire School should also come down.

If they say it's because Joe Paterno was involved in the Sex Abuse by proxy at the School, well, so was everyone else, by proxy.

I'd go so far as to say everyone with a Degree from Penn State still in the Workforce needs to be fired from their jobs.
Who in their right mind would ever hire a Penn State Graduate now, after what they did at that School?
I know I wouldn't after what Penn State did to those children.

What about the State of Pennsylvania and not just Penn State?
People in the State of Pennsylvania knew what was going on, and did nothing to help.
The State of Pennsylvania should lose both Professional Football Teams and every University in the State.

And that is what Mass Punishment looks like, for those who did not know. That is what will happen now that Mass Punishments are Legal in the United States of America and Due Process has been outlawed.

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A Marine who was on a surface-to-air combat mission and was lost when his plane went down in Quang Tri Province. Another Marine on the plane ejected and was rescued

That should read Air-to-Surface Combat Mission.
My guess is Jennifer Griffin with the Liberal AP got confused and the Military Aircraft was actually struck with a Surface To Air Missile (SAM).