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You betcha!

And don't be so quick to discount former candidates. Look at who's still deeply involved at:

The group producing the event in Phoenix is pretty slick - especially for guys who were not in politics just 3 years ago. That's just one example of what the Tea Party movement in AZ is up to. We're still behaving like a herd o' tomcats - spittin' and spattin' with one another about the petty stuff, as you might expect from a competitive population of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and problem solvers. But we're all homing in on the same targets:

Hold the House
Recruit and support primary opponents to clean House. Primaries are where our numbers matter. So back up your solid conservatives (David Schweikert is one of ours) and start showing Tea Party support now. Impress potential primary opponents that it's not worth challenging our good guy.

Win the Senate
Same as above. No political neophytes or Don Quixotes- we must WIN these seats - so recruit among those who already have.

Accomplishing the above allows for either an Obama outcome or a RINO President; bonus if final candidate is a solid conservative

Return governance to the States while insisting on a *constitutional* Federal Republic
They may still be crooked, but at least we know where they live, attend church, etc. The can't hide.
Additional benefit of making lobbying 50 times more difficult

Populate the state and local down-ticket offices with conservatives, recruited from the TP movement. This builds up our farm team and begins a long reversal of creeping Utopianism (yeah, read Levin's new book).

Notice how we're not focused on the top of the ticket? Not only are we much, much more effective on the local and state level but also the resigning Congressional Democrats, trends in the polls, and party members who avoid being seen with the President lead to an obvious conclusion. We'll keep skin in the national game, but keep our focus local.

Get up to your neck in your state politics. That's where the future lives.

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There is a growing fight within the GOP over control of the party. Current ruling class types within the party are trying to defeat conservatives to retain political advantage and control of the money stream.

Consider: the Florida GOP oversaw redistricting to move Allen West to a no-win district.

Consider: the assault on Ohio's Kasich.

The legacy Republicans are fighting for their boodle. We, the people, are fighting for our Republic.

Here in Arizona, we are winning. Many don't know that in January 2011's state party meeting the Tea Party conservatives had a candidate for State Chairman who was pushed out of the race by the ruling class - only four days before the party election. In that four days the Tea Parties got busy and (against a well financed RINO) managed to score a 3rd ballot victory with a *write-in candidate* - Mr. Tom Morrissey.

Here in Arizona, we are winning. In our largest county, Maricopa (whose population accounts for about 70% the state total), this year's GOP election trounced the 'establishment' ticket by a margin of almost 3:1 !

Here in Arizona, we are winning. In Pinal county, through which most of the illegal drug trade from Mexico crosses, 2010 turned it Republican for the first time since statehood (1912).

We've taken a few hits - inevitable in any conflict - but in the main, the Tea Party within the GOP is alive and well. We've influenced legislation, we've protected conservative incumbents, and we've organized within the political sphere to the point where officials and legislators are now paying attention.

It's going to be a long, hard slog but we're in it to win it. To those who exhibit "...a pox on both parties" we reply, "It's time to join the side you're on." The GOP won't change until Tea Partiers get inside and MAKE it happen.

Ask Arizona how.

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We could use some help to convince our Arizona Governor Brewer to authorize and stand up a State Guard that cannot be nationalized. The legislation has been 'dropped' in the hopper and is going through the committee process as I type.

The "Commie" is Kyrsten Sinema, who is running for the U.S. House in District 9. Hopefully, Rep. Quayle will oppose her.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for news from Sheriff Joe's "Cold Case Posse" investigation into His Excellency's alleged birth certificate.

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Anyone else note that the revolver pictured above is a plastic toy? Feel free to assemble your own metaphor.

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We're attacking Libya with A-4 Skyhawks, F-4 Phantoms, and A-5 Vigilantes? Or is the column editor simply not aware that illustrating with a Vietnam-era photo kinda shows an unfamiliarity with all things related Naval Aviation?

Jeepers, there must be a current carrier combat launch photo somewhere....