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Bien sur!

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Basically, yes. Mike Duffy, although he was born and bred in Prince Edward Island, has spent his entire adult life being a reporter in Ottawa, Ontario. His so-called "principal residence" in PEI is a cottage which is uninhabitable in the winter. In addition, he often claimed trips as expenses for being a senator, when in fact he was on fund-raising junkets for the Conservative Party, as he was hugely popular (why, I have NO idea). There is also a great time-stamped picture of him lounging on a cruise ship whilst he was claiming expenses for the same day as being on senate business. He is a huge, huge, unmitigated douche, but if he can throw some poo at Harper and make it stick, it would be so sweet.

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Stevie really fucked up today, I think, when he said, "These are the actions of Mr. Duffy and Mr. Wright. ..You hold people responsible for their own actions." and "These are the two people who are responsible and they are being held accountable,"

because he is the same man who said in 2005 the following:
"At worst, he personally ordered it done and chose the people who executed the plan. At the very least, he fostered an attitude within the party [...], chose the managers of the people who committed these crimes and completely and utterly failed to exercise any oversight, supervision or leadership.
In the end, it doesn’t really matter where [his] actions or lack of them fall on that scale. He is the leader and a leader is responsible for the actions of the people he leads.

If he had a right or honourable bone in his body, he’d admit that and resign immediately."

In other words, it is time for Dear Leader to walk the walk.

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Canucks, discuss

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The guy down the road just dropped by with a bottle of duty-free tequila for us for keeping an eye on their cats and blowing out the driveway while they were in Florida for the last week. It's going to be -35 F with windchill factor here tonight. I can say with total honesty that I am not even slightly jealous of them for their trip. Never been there, probably never will.

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Still a better love story than Twilight.

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"I'm on a Motherfucking Boat", also, too

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Something in my eye...

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All kidding aside...
Yesterday a 45 year old teacher at our school died of cancer. leaving a wife and a 4 and 6 yr old behind. Jon's comment that he will now get to have dinner with his family hit home- my friend was the football coach. I wonder how many dinners with his family he missed for practice and games?

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I think Larry is going to be just fine. I always liked him on TDS and I think that he's settling in quite nicely.