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9 years ago @ Wonkette - The Fartknocker Report... · 4 replies · +7 points

Speaking of videos, does anyone know if Sarah and Todd ever made a sex tape?

Asking for a friend.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Rep. Blake Farenthold:... · 0 replies · +4 points

Seriously, both those assholes could have their pictures in the dictionary definition of "Pervert"

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I do not hate Sarah Palin. I don't give a big enough fuck about her to hate her.

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Ever notice how the truly religious people, the one that just love Jesus and their white male God, are usually so bigoted, racist, hateful and just plain mean that they are the polar opposites of what Christianity is suppose to mean?

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"I think more and more older conservatives are getting scammed by con men..."

Couldn't happen to a better group of assholes.

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It's about time the Feds told one these richer then God assholes to pound tropical sand.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Texas Walmart Discrimi... · 2 replies · +11 points

The refusal by the employee to print the photo is made all the more ironic as the guy probably bought said shotgun at that same walmart.

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Does Erick realize that he is just a flaccid dick away from being a fat lesbian himself?

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It the Justice System was really fair, I'm willing to be at least half the Congress Critters would be legislatin' from a jail cell.

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Seriously, if someone asked me what a sexual deviant looked like this asshole would immediately spring to mind. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but come on!