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No we don't. We need snow in the Sierras, My outdoor kitties say no to rain.

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"No-no wrong hole" is beautiful. (Not Huckabee's, although admittedly that's pure conjecture--if a safe bet. Just the term. Thanks.)

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Migrating to this country does require a blood test. Had one myself, in the year 2000. The US wants to make sure you're not bringing pestilence here, in addition to your clear wish to take advantage of the luxurious financial arrangements for ne'er-do-wells that we all know really brought you here.

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The Noonan Chronicles are among my favoritest parts of Wonkette. MAYBE THE FAVORITEST altogether.

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As a college instructor, I am more in favor of this than I am in favor of universal health care. (I was looking for a way to say I am SO VERY MUCH TOTALLY in favor.) On one condition. Can we actually grade students based on their performance, now? So many of my CC colleagues routinely hand out inflated grades because their employment depends on their evaluations. That does not create an educated populace, merely an entitled one.

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Emmer is Dutch for "bucket." (I mention this because there are jokes there, but I'm too tired to make them. I also, as a Dutch immigrant, invariably cringe when I see descendants of Dutch immigrants getting all batshitloony-'mercan with it.)

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Being burglarized sucks. Last night, an hour after I turned in my final grades and thought I was happily on break until January, I discovered someone broke into my tool shed (yes, I have a tool shed, shut up) and took my tools as well as my bicycle. Having it happen twice in one month must suck worse. The worst I've said so far is that I'd like to cut off a few of the culprit's fingers (my jigsaw, band saw, circular saw and table saw may be gone BUT I STILL HAVE A HACK SAW). That would be okay, right? ETA: I do not have a gun, nor will I have one ever, and "setting a trap" sounds like something that has "creepy predator" written all over it.

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So it rained. I hosted a final exam at 10 on Thursday, and all my students were there. Californians are weak. (Also, the infrastructure is an embarrassing mess, but really people. It's rain. You see it pretty much every year.)

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He is hurting all of my feelings in one dumb campaign ad. Now I has a big sad

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I am also worried about these (hopefully fictional) children who confide in this bottom-feeder (?) to allegedly share their fears of Ebola (??). Now that I typed that sentence, I know it's made up. What children have the Ebola-fright? (See, I can make up names, too). Surely only imaginary ones.