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These always make me a little sad. It's like being given (having crammed down your throat?) a glimpse into the vast mental wasteland of America. I'm exhausted and have a migraine, so there won't be any analysis, trenchant or otherwise, in this comment. Just note that the last commenter apparently set up an IntenseDebate profile for the purpose of [unsuccessfully] commenting here.

A thousand years after she's dead, that one lonely comment will linger still in a disused and never-visited profile. Testament to fifteen unhappy minutes in the early 21st century.

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She will not get the nomination because she has already traveled down this path. I'm not slavishly loyal to the Democratic Party, and I'll burn in hell before I vote for a security-state warmonger who has demonstrated that even her core principles are expendable when it seems (to her, and her only) to be the expedient move.

The Hillary 2008 campaign lost my vote in 2002, when she voted for war. The Hillary 2016 campaign lost me in 2008, when she cracked some bullshit about being enthusiastic for civil unions rather than marriage equality.

I can't trust Hillary Clinton on any subject beyond her own ambition, and I am speaking to you all here: run Hillary in 2016, and she will lose. A Republican will win because people like me will abandon the Democrats. At least modern Republicans are clearly nutcases who can be openly opposed and limited, while another four or eight years of sleazy MoveOn-style water carrying for a Republican Lite president is unbearable.

So, yes - Warren 2016. She'll carry centrist Democrats, sweep the hell out of the left, and win with a mandate. Then - and this is the part that really counts - she'll approach the swamp of national politics from the left.

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Yeah, that's what I'm mad at him for, too.

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It's a sure sign of an unhinged weirdo that he (always "he," funny that) thinks Hitler cut a dashing figure.

Hitler was not a compelling public speaker because of his goofy antics. He had One Weird Trick for winning audiences, and it's such a good trick that it really will work in spite of the histrionics of the speaker. Here it is, the key to hijacking a nation:

Step 1) Pick an audience full of gullible authoritarians

Step 2) Assert, without evidence, that whatever they already believed in is totally true. (e.g. "Germany is the best country, it has a destiny, we don't deserve to be treated like this, Jews are our misfortune, etc.")

Step 3) Build from the (faulty) axiomatic truth via a series of unimpeachable logical inferences that end with the country needing you to take over.

There. Now you all can become dictators, too. Really, people laughed at what a foolish figure Hitler was. They just couldn't argue with him because they accepted the truth of his premises. That's the trick.

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If authoritarian murderers were capable of perceiving irony, this comment would have done the trick. They can't, though, so you'll have to settle for the upfist.

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Who gives a fuck? It's not like anybody (who matters) was using it. I'm actually more pissed at the violence and fascism than the fact that I'm not allowed to get a rad tattoo of some runes.

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Maybe if more US Americans had maps of the Iraq?

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You know who else was married to a Nazi?

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I think he means "support your white-supremacist husband."

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After they got married, their finances went into a slump and chaos ruled their home. Slowly, over a period of years, he gained the support of the house pets and eventually brokered a deal to start his blog.

At first, the blog's content was relatively minor stuff. Eventually, however, as he purged his developers and put ever-tighter restrictions on his commenters, it became apparent there was a gathering storm. Eschewing butter, he spent an ever-increasing fraction of the household budget on guns. He took to wearing Hugo Boss suits and fencing off areas of the back yard.

Eventually, inflamed by his own rhetoric and having done nothing substantial to mend the family's finances, he annexed the neighbor's house and picked a fight with the Russian immigrants down the block.

This will end badly.