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Omg! It's the Steve Buschemi burying the money scene from Fargo!

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Her show was 1000000... Bey can wear whatever she wants because she's a contextual dance goddess, and brought the HBCU STEP squad vibe en force with some fierce ass hip hop. Dancers never wear clothes. I know you've watched a ballet. As a demis-soloist I wore a corset, tutu, and pink tights. There was probably more fabric in my pointe shoes.

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Crap on a cracker, between what I suspect is Nunberg succumbing to cocaine psychosis on Tapper's show and the link below, I'm at a loss for words.

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I am printing a poster-sized version of this for my daughter!

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Or prefer your cows doing Zumba
[youtube j3sl_3fxuVI youtube]

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Just in case you're in more of a Reggaeton kind of mood[youtube DiEk-E5F1C0 youtube]

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Whenever I'm feeling sad, I find Manches the Altapura cow on YouTube. My gift to you...

[youtube dFQIR1mvxG4 youtube]

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Are you a Texas resident? Vote for Beto in the Democratic US Senate primary. Beto gave me my first writing job when I was 19 as publisher of the alternative weekly, Stanton Street Weekly. When Beto became my City Councilman, I opposed some of his policies publicly while writing for Newspaper Tree. Beto never took my opposition personally. We took lunch together and talked about policy for the neighborhood. He's been an amazing Congressman for El Paso. I think he can beat Ted Cruz, because he's just-- likeable. He's compassionate. He's a genuinely nice guy, who is a good listener and actually takes the word of his constituents to heart. His father was a County Judge back in the day and recovering addict who died in a tragic bicycling accident. His father was, for all of his faults, well-liked and considered a decent man and a good judge. Beto was raised under the wing of Elliot Shapleigh and other prominent progressive Dems. He's pro-immigrant, pro-woman, and pro-marijuana. If there's anything that I questioned when he was my councilman, it was his position on downtown redevelopment. There were a couple of votes he should have recused himself of because his father-in-law was involved, and I felt like the whole tone of the redevelopment plan was antithetical to the politics he espoused. He's been a much better rep than councilman. I think he would make a great senator.

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My cat recognizes my husband's voice over the phone. In our normal daily routine before he went in, they were morning cuddle buddies. I would leave for school, and she would be curled up and spooning in his armpit. When he calls, I generally have him on speaker phone, and yesterday, she was rubbing herself all over my hand and the phone. She misses him.

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I really wish he had asked the Arabic speaking audience member to do their impression of Trump in actual Arabic and not the "durka durka" thing that he did, because it was super on point and funny otherwise.