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(I don't think my email replies are posting.)
It sounds like you had a really good time there! I'm so glad. (Omg, did you happen to go to Pastiche? Their carrot cake is ah-mazing. lol). I know they are building all sorts of apartment buildings downtown, but I have no doubt you could find a cool rental either in the Federal Hill area or the East Side/College Hill (which is so lovely. Brown, Johnson & Wales, and RISD are there). There are some funky neighborhoods there, too. Or even East Providence could be an option. I know what you mean about cookie-cutter neighborhoods where you are. I don't think Providence is quite that way.

We lived in a building across from the train station many moons ago and LOVED it. This was even before the river was re-routed and the mall was built. (Despite being a bit of an unsavory character, the late Buddy Cianci really did a fabulous job of bringing the city into vogue). It's an easy walking city, with great food, shopping, theater, museums, and a generally good vibe. It's a short trip to Boston and also the south county RI and eastern CT beaches. There's so much good about it!

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Oooh....enjoy! Yes, the thin crust and that awesome char. Delish. If you like white clam pizza, they always made a great one (not too many pizzerias do, imo).

I'm glad you had an awesome dinner in Providence! Federal Hill is so fun, and the city has so much to offer (I'm still hoping to move back there or to Boston/Cambridge before I get too old to enjoy it. lol). There are definitely a lot of home-grown places and so many local traditions. The city seems to keep a 'retro' feel, even as it grows and revitalizes.

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The original Frank Pepe Pizzeria is on Wooster Street in New Haven. That and Sally's are old school New Haven history. (Ask DMM - he can attest. I grew up there). Fab pizza (they've expanded/franchised in recent years) .

Next time you go to Providence, I'd be happy to give you some recommendations. I lived there and still visit fairly often. Good pizza (and great food) there, too!

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Awww, hey, Zanzi! You are so sweet. Thank you, I am well. I hope you and other CrassFriends are, too. I guess it has been quite a while since I've dropped in.  The days just fly, family, doing a bunch of baking again, working on starting a private practice. All good, but it doesn't leave much online time.

Are you still in CA?
​I hope life is peaceful and joyous for you. ​Sending all good wishes your way.

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I’m so glad you were able to have a talk with your folks. Ha! Can we just chalk up Pooh’s slobbiness to a “phase“? (That hopefully he outgrows).😊

You’re so right...dealing with aging parents – and especially unpleasant behavior and mood changes – is so hard. Even when we know to expect it, it can still be such a challenge to stay grounded. Sending hugs and good vibes your way.

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Hi, dear TH! Thank's great to see you, too. ❤And happy to help if I can (feel free to email).
I hear you about keeping up appearances and pleasing the friends. My MiL was like that for the first 25 or so years of my marriage (until she got too old to know or care).

I know you are the coolest mom, and your kids are awesome, so keep flying your own flag proudly! I hope your conversation with your mom goes well. It might be a nice opportunity to connect in a different way and clear the air.

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Hi, TH. Just my opinion, but I'm trained as a family therapist... I would say it depends on where this behavior might be stemming from (are your parents getting senile? Is this typical or new behavior for them?), what sort of relationship do you have (and would like to continue to have) with your parents (and them with your children)? Clear, firm boundaries are essential - as is communication that you are the parents and you'd like for them to be involved, but you set the rules (and repeat this calmly when they try to add their 2 cents). I'd say this conversation would be a place to start (if you haven't already...).

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Happy Anniversary! It's been a wild ride. And since it's a dance party...[youtube wj5VODa-eTY youtube]

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My favorite moment(s) were always when someone shared wonderful, couplehood, graduation, good job, making it through a health crisis....

My favorite (warped, of course) moment was when we discovered that poor guy who turned his red leather couch into a "girlfriend". It's horribly 'bad' karma, but I laughed my ass off.

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I'll bet many of us have at least one ex to whom we could have sung this song. :p
[youtube V7btcksg7z8 youtube]