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The dumbest thing I think I have ever heard.

"Why should people eat when they could starve to death gazing at an empty, un-rentable commercial boondoggle?" she said.

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I am so ashamed of the people in my country, the US.

These are psychopaths, plain and simple. They've directed their energy towards our "enemies" so they are allowed to indulge in their awful obsessions. They should be in prison, unable to hurt the people of the world.

When will de-nazification come to the US? We need it badly.

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Lesbian. NEXT!

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"If the Democrats are anything but inept and defeatist" sigh... that's the biggest of fucking IFs, I'm afraid.

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Who inheirited OBL cash? Maybe Al Qaeda can buy their way off next - $300M + services rendered in Syria.

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She came straight from one of the big networks if I recall. "Public" Broadcasting was subtly privatized during the Bush admin. It is a shell of what i used to be. The only government sponsored (public?) media you see regularly anymore is the constant "Voice of America" headlines on Google News - and you see those a lot. Who says the USA doesn't have a state sponsored media propaganda outlet? As opposed to its many corporate sponsored media propaganda outlets.

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exactly. Untold thousands. What a fucking joke.

Adding up the wikileaks stuff directly from the Army alone comes to 100,000 - and you know the army understated or didn't cover the entire country. Fucking pathetic.

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yeah, The author really lost me with this pile of horse shit. Obama: For (and Against) American infrastructure. Wat?

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For christ's sake. Just admitting to being a brain-washed dope who really enjoys trite, "I'm smart cause Look how long this book is" literature. Heartbeat away from the presidency.

I do wish that these assholes would follow the heroics which I understand are shown in the book: go to some island or something, removing themselves entirely from our society. Whatsoever shall we do without them? Probably be left to our own devices, all alone and sinking with our happiness and democracy and peace. Terrible!

Paul Ryan is genuine alright. A genuine fucking dumbfuck.

"It's inspired me so much that it's required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff." LOL ugh. Seriously.

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"Fixating on the rights abuses of distant governments while largely ignoring those committed by one's own does not only demonstrate the glaring insincerity of the purported beliefs. Far worse, it is an abdication of one's primary duty as a journalist and as a citizen: to oppose, first and foremost, the bad acts of one's own government."

Blam. So true. When ever I hear someone saying anything about Iran, I'm always thinking how people who would be hard pressed to tell you anything about their local politicians, think they have a firm grasp on the dynamics in a thousands of years old foreign country on the other side of the globe. As if they ignore the fact that every single piece of knowledge they have regarding the subject has gone through the USA MSM filter.

NPR listeners just make me fucking shudder.