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I'm starting to respect the Westboro Baptist PR folks (despite hating them in a very un-Jesus-y way), because between the "bottle of pills" line and calling Radiohead "freak monkeys with mediocre tunes", they do know how to A) grab headlines and B) turn a memorable phrase. Well-played, crazy PR team, well-played.

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Yes, Joe Biden, who became a Senator when President Obama was a 12-year-old, and who started chairing the Foreign Relations & Judiciary Committees before Barack even married Michelle, would be totally unprepared to lead the executive branch. Holy hell, I can't believe we were so scared of this bearded moron for so many years.

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Liberace died at 68. Rock Hudson at 60. And uh, if he's talking about AIDS and stuff...they, like, have medicines and stuff for that now. Although I guess if, like this guy, you're apparently living in the 1950s, perhaps not.

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Oh wait! You guys, I just asked my gay roommate about this. His response: "yeah, you're pretty much dead to the gay community once you're that age." I'm sure that someone who would make a statement like that would be well-connected to the gay community, so obviously that's gotta be what he meant.

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Do. Not. Want.

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Odds are that his password is probably something as stupid as "12345" or "password". Unless, you know, he learned a lesson from all those voicemails his hacks hacked.

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Unsurprisingly, the fake Rupert Murdoch feed can't even dream of being as blithely, unthinkingly evil as the actual Rupert Murdoch is. But for those who enjoy that sort of thing, I do think @RupertMurdochPR is rather well done.

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For once, it's a good day to be from Kansas. Do I have to be gay and/or black to use the phrase "You go, girl!"? Because it seems appropriate here.

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This girl goes to my high school alma mater and please just allow me a moment of pride for the fact that kids there still have brains. Go Lancers!

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I have now been reading Wonkette long enough that I can tell a Ken Layne piece from the title alone. And sweet baby Jesus, I am never disappointed when I clicky that clicky. Godspeed, Ken, you are the 21st century Upton Sinclair on the same acid that Hunter S. Thompson took.