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15 points for at least trying.
Just the thought of pressing play made me feel I haven't had enough to drink yet.

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You know who else wears red?

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Allman's joy my ass.
Where's my peanuts?

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Now don't go hating on Benny.
He was but an innocent, sweet, boy when his Mama was sucking the Government tit.
It takes time, lack of empathy, short term memory, shitty attitude and the wrong prescription to grow into an asshole.

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Why is it every time homophobes say "Shoot Gay Couples In The Face" he's thinking glasses?

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Well, he's got a point.
What the fuck it is I have no idea.

Little help here people.

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"We never know where he is. We never know where he is. We still don’t know where he was the night of Benghazi. We have no idea what he was doing when that whole thing went down. He was doing things that were not up to the level obviously of what he should have been doing and paying attention to the 3 A.M. phone call."

I call bullshit.
You know he was golfing.

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Well, you know what the SSA boy's say.
"Turn em upside down they all look the same."

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“Oklahoma is a predominantly Christian state. There has been no movement to teach the Quran as an elective. I would be open to debate on the issue,”
Me thinks someone is asking to open up a can of Mohammad.

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Sure wish I had the Obama/Benghazi excuse thing to fall back on when my wife found out.
It was 2007 and all I had was Bush/Cheney :(