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That's okay then. Not that I think this government would hesitate to shut down anything for political gain and/or in a panic.

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I heard they already shut down one plant in Virginia. I always wonder about the moratorioum on building new nuclear power plants and new refineries. Wouldn't we be better off with NEW, state-of-the-art facilities instead od the dinosaurs they worry about during every "crisis". Wait, that might make too much sense.

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DC shuts down for a sprinkling of snow, and goes into hyperventilation sequence for shaky ground. Yep, I feel comfortable with these people in charge of my life. NOT.

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I know several people who have returned the Census already. I read the letter dated March 15th saying "mail today" and then I actually read the survey. What idiots!

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It's amazing how true the statement is "it could only get worse". So is "better the enemy you know". Except that we KNOW Biden. Ugh.

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This is exactly what is going to happen. Some big disaster at first to divert attention from the one they really want.

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The government doesn't pay it, our taxes pay it.

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I think the point is that we all need to be working in our towns and communities first, and using this site for finding ideas and encouragement, comparing stories on how things are going for us out in the trenches, venting, filtering information. From my perspective the leaders are all here, but still testing the waters and testing themselves. I think there are a lot of people on here, like me, who didn't know much about politics, didn't care much about them and didn't contribute much to what should be a vital and ongoing conversation about out country. But we have woke up (started before 9/11 for me), and are now ready to do something. But it takes time, and it takes developing skills that have been latent or non-existant. It also takes overcoming ourselves and standing up for what we believe in. It's happening though. It is. But this site is a tool, not an answer.

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Maybe I wasn't paying attention all those long years past, but I don't remember any previous presidents spending quite so much time in front of cameras or jetting around the world in the first few months. Now it's all Obama, all the time.

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It's insulting to all thinking people to imagine votes should be based on color or race. An intelligent, thoughtful, honorable person is defined by their quality, not their color. I have mentally slapped quite a few people on your behalf!