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I would agree with this notion of adapting to a warmer climate if Global Warming were a fact, but the fact is Global warming and all that comes with it are not even an issue at this point in time.

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Palin's decision is what I wish MORE politicians would do. Being governor is supposed to be a SERVICE to the state of AK, not a CAREER in government. People that think that it is wrong to quit are too boneheaded to understand the value of strategic retreat.

If anyone ever criticizes her for this move, I strongly suggest they read the Sun Tzu's Art of War which states:

"The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom."

If this is not convincing then I suggest they consider the strategy used to great success in Poker made popular by Kenny Rodgers:

"You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em"

Palin is taking strategic game theory and applying it to politics, her her staff, and Lt. Governor can get down to the business of running Alaska to better effect without her unintended distractions taking the bulk of their effort.

Palin is a fighter, a winner and an ICON, her work outside of the governors office have great potential to inspire a movement towards conservatism. Knowing which battles you can win and deciding which battles your contribution would be most critical to is something most politicians dont understand.

Year after year, politicians seek re-election, and all their policies are geared to that end and they are not willing to SACRIFICE their career and some political capital to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

I Feel much more invigorated seeing Palin passing the ball to the man under the net rather than trying to drive through and pull off some show stopping slam dunk. That is teamwork, that is SACRIFICE. THAT IS THE AMERICA I LOVE.


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America is not free. Oh there is the illusion of freedom, we are told that we can be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do, but it really isn't freedom.

I cant just up and decide to become a farmer without jumping through some government hoops. I cant just start growing something and selling at a stand, there are tax issues, regulatory issues, zoning concerns, environmental needs, water usage issues. No I guess I cant just be a farmer...

I cant just build my own home, no, there are zoning issues, building permits, officials to bribe, unions to appease and fire marshals to quietly entertain to just build your own home.

I am not free and neither are you:
Every dollar I pay in taxes is time out of my life to pay for someone else's stupidity

Every dollar I dont earn because the cost of doing buisness has gone up due to increased energy prices, or over regulation, or excessive corporate taxes, or healthcare demands, or because of silly lawsuits brought on by the government is TIME away from my life that I must spend at work making up for that lost dollar.

Slavery is alive and well in this country, I cant just up and do what I want, because I am beholden to the system of laws, regulations and taxes that must control all aspects of modern American life.

Im gonna say this, but I dont want people to be confused. I am an ANARCHIST, this does not mean I believe in Chaos or violence or social disorder, I just dont believe in structure. People live by values, not by laws. Laws dont deter people from doing a crime if that persons value system tells them that what they are doing is acceptable, it only punishes those who get caught which incentivises more crime in furtherance of not getting caught, which requires more elaborate laws to prevent the actions people take to avoid getting caught. Look at Bernie Madoff as a prime example of this.

Bernies crime was that he took investment money and put it into a general fund which he would pay out, upon request, by borrowing investment monies from other investors to cover unrealized earnings he had to pay out presently. Well this is illeagel for the same reason our social security system should be illeagle, eventually he will not be able to pay the promised returns because the returns dont exist and have been paid out to other investors already. well to prevent detection he also printed his own financial statements... sounds innocent, a financial statement is a financial statement, but this is illeagle because otherwise it is too easy for people to cook the books...

Whatever happened to "buyer beware", what ever happened to "dont put all your eggs in one basket", some people are not trustworthy, but thats why you need to dig deeper, as Bernie to show you an independant audit of his financial records, spread your assets around into different accounts and investments and put some under your bed in case the whole world goes thunder dome on us.

If I am free, then I dont need to hear speeches about how in America we can do anything and be anything we want. NO I CANT. I have to play the game, I have to sell my freedom, freedom I shouldnt have to sell to be who I want to be.

TRY THIS, Make some toys for children, nice, simple, safe toys. Then go down town, put up a table and put your toys up for sale. See how long it takes before you have to close up shop or get arrested for loitering, or are forced to get a permit or declare the income on your taxes. Just try it, you cant do it...People in Hong Kong can do it.

Our government will continue to take our freedoms piece by piece until we are left standing naked in the cold rain and wind, then they will swoop in and take more freedoms, but this time they will tell us they are doing it to help us poor ignorant sods out of the gutter.

This 4th of July, tell your friends what real freedom is:

Its living life according to your principals

Its respecting the lives and freedoms of others

Its the ability to keep whats yours

Its the ability to make a life of your own without having to sell off your liberty for the opportunity

Its your right to make mistakes and learn from them which means that the government cant swoop in and save you thereby eliminating the only learning mechanism in the process. . . suffering.

And once you told your friends what freedom is. Implore them to DEFEND IT NOW, not in a couple years or the next election, or when they get finished with school, or after they get that promotion... It is all on the line.

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I'm ready, my bills are current and my assets are liquid. I know how to take care of my own needs and if someone from the government tries to "help" I'll show them the way back to the highway....

I'm would like to write a book about the evils of an intrusive government, but I am afraid that it will be labeled a "manifesto" and marginalized.

Hey if they come for me I wont go down quietly because once your freedoms have been stripped, you have nothing to lose when they try to haul you away.

PS, I am a calm person by nature, I dont get upset in traffic, and I hardly ever complain even when I am justified, but the crap I see happening is beyond reproach, it defies logic and reason.

I'm as mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore.

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I live in Taxachusetts and when I drive my huge Jeep with a Gadsden Flag that says "liberty or death" I get eye rolls from the people in their Toyota Pius...err Prius. Its like they cant imagine a world where carbon dioxide is just a gas that is critical to the habitability of the planet...

Its ironic to see a Prius with a save the rainforest sticker, Rainforests need CO2 to survive, more CO2 means MORE bio diversity.

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From now on, the only politicians that will get my vote must promise the following:

They will not create any new laws.

They will repeal any laws with exception to those laws that prohibit:
- Violence of any kind that is not consentual
- Violations against private property that are not supported by contract

Thats it, once they have done these two things, they can just sit on their fat asses until the next election cycle and go home. I dont want their help, I dont want special consideration. I dont want them to try to make society better. I certainly dont want them to "fix" the economy. And I could care less of the "playing field" is tilted on a 45 degree incline, I dont want them to "level" it even if I am at the bottom trying to climb up on a piece of frayed yarn.

I would prefer total anarchy over what we have now, because at least then I have some idea of what the rules are and I know what I must do to survive. You cant buy a damn coffee these days without some kind of non-sense. I got a receipt for a cup of coffee, is this something I need to report on my taxes now?

Will I get audited if I fail to report how many porter house steaks I have consumed this year thereby under representing my "carbon footprint"?

You know what, I am just gonna run my SUV's engine 24/7 just to protest cap n tax. If someone tells me to turn it off, I will rev the engine more, and turn the heater on to further increase it's footprint.

I will turn all of the lights on in the house and when the bill comes, I will pay at the pre-cap n trade rate.

When they send me to prison for not paying my taxes and bills or for running my car too much, I will run the faucet and toilet constantly, and sue the state until they turn the heat up to 85 degrees in the entire prison because it is cruel and unsusal to keep it so cold.

I will quit my job and take a job as a farmer, but I will not provide documentation so that I can get paid under the table and not have taxes taken out.

Ok, so I went on a bit of a tangent... but my laptop has been on full brightness the whole time...

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CNN removed this article.... guess this news is not fit to print.

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This is interesting, but now things are a bit different. Information was scarce in the first 2/3rds of the century, the lack of information allowed these techniques to work without challenge.

Now Information spreads like a wildfire, facts can permeate the public rapidly. Now not only do the elites seek to control you through your base emotions, but also by the manipulation of information. People accept the notions proposed in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" not because they are true, but because the producer puts forth a slew of data, the data need not even make sense for people to believe it, but the existence of seemingly factual information gives the film a sense of credibility.

In television shows like Star Trek, the characters throw out all sorts of techno babble and this techno babble gives the characters and concepts the same sense of credibility.

The power of raw, un-manipulated information is so terrifying to government that they purposely and proactively manipulate the facts and present them to Americans before they have an opportunity to consider raw information. Once the media and government has presented its manipulated information, people dont generally have a reason to challenge it because it seems on its face credible.

People should challenge every bit of information and read more primary sources of information and less secondary sources. Primary sources of information are more challenging for people to wade through, there is a sense that you have to have a science degree to read scientific data, this myth is perpetuated by the professors, scientists and the media, they are presented as experts and their assertions are trusted unquestioningly. The fact that scientists and professors and other "learned men" are placed on a pedistal like this, makes average citizens feel inferior and unable to understand information without these experts to translate the data for them.

Knowledge is power and we are all more connected to raw data then ever before, there are no walls around the data and we can take our time considering it. But as long as politicians control the media, then too many people will be satisfied with their version of the facts, because they seem credible and because they use your base emotions to guide you to see only the details they want you to see because you need to see it to satisfy a deeper need.

Capitalism and consumerism are not the same thing. Capitalism embraces the natural flow of goods and services from producer to consumer, rather than forcing the flow of goods and services from a central plan. Capitalism is the natural state of humanity to put walls up aroud it is to try and sandbag the tides, you might gave short term success, but in the long run, your walls will crash down. Consumerism is simply people buying things they dont need because they think they need them, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you know you dont need the crap you are buying and your financial house is in order.

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Hitler was a master at propaganda and even produced his own propaganda films which have been studied by film students and psychologists alike for their ability to persuade the viewer...See "Triumph of the will"...

Obama has his own media outlets (NBC, ABC), they practically line up to work for him. He has his own publicist (Newsweek, New York Times)....They all would drool over the prospect of making a movie called "the audacity of hope... and it is probably already in post production waiting for release...

This guy must way or another. Obama must go, Biden must go and Palosi must go...the whole damn government must go all at once.

In fact, I have been inspired by the folks in Iran their movement has energized me in a way I did not know was possible,

in 1776, the American Revolution INSPIRED the French revolution which went down in 1789. The 2009 Iranian revolution will hopefully inspire the 2010 American revolution.

thats right 2010, I am NOT waiting for an entire election cycle to fix this problem by then the damage will be done.

I am not going to sit by and wait for my opportunity to go to the polls and "participate", the whole thing has been rigged from the start and it is too late to try to fix it the proper way. Obama wants change...I'LL GIVE HIM CHANGE...A Change of scenery... Hope he likes Prison, cause thats where he belongs, in a cell with Bernie Madoff.

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Too Honest is not her only issue among liberals. She is too effective at conveying the conservative understanding of things. Her messages convey complex concepts about economics, ethics and government in a way that is bumper sticker simple.

Liberals fear her because for a long time, liberals had emotional appeals on their side now that Palin comes along and can articulate why it is wrong for the government to redistribute money from "greedy rich people to poor people who have not been given a chance", they dont know what to do so they mock her, they marginalize her and they HATE her.

Plus she is a woman who has broken their "glass ceiling" it is inconceivable that a conservative woman should be able to do this since their understanding of conservatives leads them to believe that the women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cookin up roadkill for the man of the house.