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Interestingly if Cruz, Rubio were really the heroic patriots they profess to be they'd announce that they were stepping out of Presidential race because they were not natural born citizens. This would discredit Obama in a very real way and open up the old can of worms that has been laying unopen since late 08.

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McCain was born outside of the US territory in Colon Panama which was excluded from being US territory.
The Panama Canal Zone (Spanish: Zona del Canal de Panamá) was an unorganized territory of the United States from 1903 to 1979, centered around the Panama Canal in the Republic of Panama. The zone consisted of the canal and an area generally extending five miles (8.0 km) on each side of the center line, excluding Panama City and Colón, which otherwise would have been partly within the limits of the Zone.
So if McCain was not born on a US territory but just outside of one he is not natural born, hence the necessity of Res. 511 .

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I know it is really difficult to get through to some of these people, like herding feral cats. I try very hard to be simplistic and patient when explaining it, yet, I barely get through and usually some Cruz jerk will brashly and rudely butt in. I am debating like crazy again, I'm a bit rusty but Conservatives are one stubborn bunch and I hate to say it are one thick bunch. Mostly they're afraid, they are so afraid for their country that they will follow anyone who gives the Liberals a bit of push back. They don't realize just how dangerous knowing voting an ineligible candidate is. As I see it this election is our last chance,we're done after this. In Obama's election, his ineligibility was not nationally known or very much revealed before election time (info was available only on the net +you had to search for it). There was a news blackout well into 09 when we were on the 912, remember how frustrating? So it can be argued that he was not duly voted in by the voting public with them knowing he wasn't eligible. The lawsuits against him were never settled, so a legal precedent has not been established. The American public was defrauded. For Cruz or Rubio the same thing cannot be said. I have run across hundreds of Cruz enthusiasts who can care less, they want him. They give some BS simple search results out there to protect Obama and the new sites stating he is eligible but it is really pathetic, even know nothings know that a naturalized citizen is ineligible, it is common knowledge. What happens when the electorate usurps and actively gives up the authority of their own Constitution themselves? I would assume the Constitution is voided. It cannot be said that we were defrauded by Cruz, he submitted his Canadian Birth Certificate to the media, he has been upfront. This much more serious than Obama and I don't think it is simply a matter of Cruz's own personal ambition, this goes back to that there is an obvious elitist agenda to eliminate the protections of the office and the Constitution itself forever and it has filtered down to the public. Obama lacked one of the three eligibility requirements, Cruz lacks two,Rubio lacks two, Jindal lacks two, there is a progression. Next there will be none, if you don't have the 3 requirements it is over, you are utterly ineligible and most likely a non citizen running for President. As I have been saying since 09, that is the end game here. An entire coup of our Presidency. That is what citizens get when they believe in politicians and elections more than they do their Constitution. We can survive bad Presidents, we can't survive w/o a Constitution. The good news in all this is there are quite a few Constitutionalists our there this time and they know their stuff, so we're not alone. Any way, just a few concerns, like we don't have enough worries. I hardly talk to anyone who really understands these things and I know that you do so forgive my long winded reply. I guess I am as frustrated as you are. :) Take care, again.

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Hi Dot. Can you believe that we are here again 6 years later now with Cruz who is even more ineligible that Obama, missing two legs of the requirement rather than one (if BHO were born in Hawaii which doubtful). What we have on our hands is now the right wing version of Obama. I don't believe for a moment that Cruz is sincere or why enter the race? Cruz has very disturbing similarities to Obama: foreign national father from a communist regime, one US citizen parent, an Ivy League Constitutional lawyer, a first term Senator, firebrand cult of personality persona complete with Cruzbots, it is spooky. Where they differ is also disturbing. Cruz was in the Bush administration both terms, his wife was a private member of the by invite only Council on Foreign Relations and was a major team member/contributor of the Socialist elite plan the North American Union (merging borders with Canada and Mexico). She also worked in the Bush administration and is a high up at Goldman Sachs. Yikes. I wonder what Texoma Ed thinks of him? Have you guys been in touch at all?

Anyway, I just thought I'd check in with you. I am still at this as well, it is an endless fight. Otherwise I hope that you are well. Keep up the good fight.

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Definitely massive voter fraud!!! And it needs to be investigated fully!! In 2012 Obama lost at least half of the white vote due to his own pronounced race baiting. What replaced it? The white vote is 72% of the electorate. How in the world could Obama have won without that vote? The illegal alien vote and other voter fraud is the only answer......the recent Amnesty is payback for the illegal vote.

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Wag the Dog -This isn't a war it's a pagent! This article is spot on. Obama and Co will blame the Republican's (ie: warmongers) when the crap hits the fan. This is just another Obama distraction away from other issues that are important to Americas future like the debt ceiling, defunding Obamacare.

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Hi Swimmer. Amazing! What about copyright infringement?? Wouldn't the "designer" of your DNA be your mother and your father? How on earth would these companies even get your DNA? The Gene-testing industry? Hey if they wind up owning our DNA, maybe they're responsible for our taxes or for any crime we might commit, wouldn't they be responsible? What about this new government DNA database for criminals, I wonder how that will factor in? Will the government just request that these companies just send in our DNA, kind of like our Verizon calls?

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Hi Dot, how are you? That is very disapointing about Ted Cruz, especially since he is a "Constitutional lawyer". I find it odd that lay people, ordinary citizens know more about Presidential eligibility than Constitutional lawyers these days. Exactly what Constitution are they studying? So now even Ted Cruz is off my list of decent politicans, joining Rubio, Jindal. I think a great conservative choice for 2016 Presidential candidate is Scott Walker. He is a natural born citizen, is pro life, he fought the unions, rejected Obamacare exchanges, and rejected photo ID to vote. I need to learn more about him but what I know looks very good. I trust governors more for the Presidency than members of congress, they are not DC insiders.

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We have no hard proof, as to where Obama was born, as in an "original" paper document, that forenics can done on. All that he has shown is digital in origin. I am a graghic artist and I have created a multitude of Obama COLB's, it is as easy as pie. So his supposed birth proof is bogus to say the least and has proven to be fraudulent by a "police investigation".

Natural Born Citizen- is different consitutionally from citizen, note to qualify for Congress one has to be a "citizen", not Natural Born. In Article II the only "citizen's" who qualified for the Presidency needed to be a citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution. If there was no distinction between natural born citizen and citizen, why then is it there written in the Constitution? The is an obvious distinction made, come on.

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My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Andrew was truly one of a kind and he will be sorely missed. RIP Andrew.