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I don't understand what the freaking problem is. Why am I PAYING TAX MONEY ..... to have MY OWN MONEY put into "public info-mercials" to LIE about this healthcare bill???

NO!!! Doesn't anyone get that? NO!!! NO MEANS NO!!! Nobody wants this except for the people who just want free crap and those people already get too much free crap.

everybody understands that this is a bad idea. EVERYBODY GETS THAT!!! Even the most Obama supprting people you meet say this is a bad idea and they don't support it. NO MEANS NO!!! GET IT!!! You had your little ABC special fun and had you're little "LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR"!!! If this passes or Cap and Trade passes with absolutely NO PUBLIC SUPPORT, AND NEITHER FLOAT PUBLIC APPROVAL IN ANY WAY OR ANY MEASURABLE FORM!!!! THen that's it. the time for marching and such is over. it'll be time to TAKE BACK.

No means freaking no. I put up with this crap long enough. I was even at the point of just not givign a crap about having that racist piece of human garbage in the Court. No, the line is drawn.

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IT ALL STARTED DOWNHILL WHEN ... we started using a model paying out standard benefits to current and past parties while bassing all earning on a present project model revenue, which can easily be flipped upside down and cause deficit earnings ... no, wait. that is how SS and medicare work .. as well as ponzi schemes....

hehehe ... I guess it is lucky that no lame department organization has access to an enforcement agency, you know like the FDA being put in charge of tobacco, thus opening the door to the ATF being an enforcement unit fordealing with medical drugs and food products .... soooooooooooo ...

Anyone realize that HMO came from Blue cross .... which was founded in Waco, TX ...... irony

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We DO need to stop the immoral things going on with Healthcare. healthcare has been going downhill since 1970, when the HMOs began price adjusting ... wait ... that was the Government doing that, forming the Dept of Health and Human Services ....

ok, Healthcare has been going downhill since the over punitive financial charges dealt out even to KNOWING ND INFORMED participants with the cost being lifted and heaved upon the industry and the medical pratices TWICE over with the direct cost and the secondary cost of insruance to cover such liability ... wait wait wait ... all those doors were opened up by the supreme court .... part of the government ....

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Not really news. Maybe it is because i follow this sexy little minx with the eyes of a HAWK!!!! Too bad that being called a "sexist" isn't as behavior contrioling as calling someone a "racist", otherwise Obama would have been the one to cut the deal, step down, and take a n Executive post.

My biggest complaint about this would be that she has done a lot more fund raising than state departmenting, and hasn't once slapped Obama for the overstepping of his duties in regards to foreign affairs, relations, and her department. thoguh i am sure there is "a deal" there. there always is with this crowd. "politician" needs to be the dirty word from now on. Forget Republican. Forget Democrat. Anyone who thinks it takes more than a calculator, ethics, and a tie to your citizens to represent them (as in "a deal here ... a deal there ... call in favor here ... get kickback there") needs to get out of office


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I have written about the outwitting of China on the US here before with mixed response. But just look. they are communist when it pays to be communist. The other times they are free market when it is profitable to be free market. Obama and crew aren't even bright enough to know how retarded their plans are in long term ....

The chinese are laughing at them and loving them in office. They are not even opponents, much less "worthy". They go deeper in debt to give money to other contries .... China can't understand that ... not that they care ....

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much like that. They only leverage we have on China is this: In the end money is just paper, an idea, a symbol.

If we just made all the money worth nothing ..... then we owe them .... nothing.

That is what the Chinese are really afraid of, I think. The wrost part is that for us to strengthen the dollar and make their investment worth wild and paid out ... we'd have to cut off trading realtions with them and get more domestic manufacturing done .... ironic.

though they like every other lender, do not want to be paid back. they want us to be in pocket forever paying just enough to keep the princiapal in tact.

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Well, i've said it before. and i'll say it again just so the mainstream media can read this board and get a clue. Colin Powell is not the "black guy we all like" anymore. I personally have selected Tony Dungee as my favorite black guy. Then again, he is one of my heroes and what I would like to refer to as a "builder of men". Not even because of the decisions he made in the election. it's because of HOW he did things so dirt ball in the elections even after being caught in his own lie.

he also needs to broaden that stero-trype statement to "There is no AMERICAN in this country who has not been exposed to RACISM towards themselves". That is a lot more true. And I find his story laughable about the airport. For one , he didn't drive up in his toyota, get out, and pick someone up .... the National Security Advisor travels with SECRUITY. ARMED SECURITY. and they have to call the airport in advance and go to specific boarding areas. Please, Colin .... sell it down the street, cause i ain't buying "crazy talk" here.

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5. Mandates a price fixing situation for gov't plan, and specifically prohibits investigation, criminal, or civil suite against them for it.
6. defines what is "proper healthcare", is able to change it at whim, and able to fine and or tax businesses or individuals for not having it.

but worse by far is the doors it opens up for the next group.

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I just got a letter from Barak. he is very concerned about people spreading fear tatics and misinformation, so to be fair let's just talk about things it does like:
1.Forsome reason give an "open book" policy to the fed for business that carry private insurance with no restrictions holding that investigation to healthcare issues.
2. Continues the proven failure model of providing healthcare to illegal immigrants while not offsetting the cost in any way to them, even in the fines and penalties for misuse or misrepresentation.
3. Gets a lot of money to ACORN (SARCASTIC SHOCKER!!!!!) for this national healthcard system ... and hey, they can check your personal finances whenever they feel like it, just in case you're making a dime or two they feel they should have.
4. has a "slow but sure" plan that forcing everyone to eventually be government care through regulation, nto that they aren't already binding private healthcare down and forcing a few of the bigger ones in pocket right away
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anybody bothered that communist china understands free market relations than our government, including the so-called expert that we could just not live without, Tim Geithner. US officals saying that Chinese consumers need to "save less". Even if they did get their domestic market flexed, you think that means they would stop flooding our market with goods? NO!!! They'll do both. that just makes sense.

So we asked them about N.Korea .... and they said that's none of our business.
SO we asked about Iran ... and they swaid that was none of our business.
So we asked about their human rights ... and they told us that was none of our business
Then Hillary wants to say we made great progress in all these areas. WHAT??!?!?!?

Sounds like they called Tim and Hillary up to tell us to get our crap straight, said their peice, then shook hands for hte camera, and sent them on their way. We in turn lied and said our crap was straight and gettiong straighter all the time. Will continue to make bad decisions. and then shook hands for the cameras.