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Atticus, the few that I personally know who also voted for Obama say the exact same thing your young friends say, " to see the first black president". Though I am much older than you, I see the desparate fate this decision has led us to. Please don't lump everyone into the same category however, when Bush did these things, I screamed as well, just has no forum to do it on. One thing we disagree on is the the war, I feel it was necessary and side with the Iraqi people in their quest for freedom from terror and tyranny. The terrorist training camps that Saddam Hussain has scattered across the country are now eliminated. Also, I agree-stop cutting educational funding.

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Geitner had stated back in Feb/March that after the Summer a bank holiday may be necessary. I cannot locate it, looking for it on you tube. I will continue searching for it. But I definately remember it, I made a note of it in my headline book.

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Obama said, "This isn't about politics"? Then exactly what is it about? Because it is NOT about the American people, it is not about the uninsured, the costs-(mostly hidden), the excessively high malpractice insurance doctors must carry that is passed onto consumers, it is not about staying healthy, it isn't even about health. This is about crashing our system, then controlling it. Healthcare, food, water, energy, it's all under attack. Capitalism is being strongarmed. What bothers the hello out of me is the fact that people sit back and watch, and actually start to believe that these massive takeovers are warranted. Never in my life would I have ever imagined that American's would lay down and play door mat to a socialized system. Wreckless abandon does not always upright itself. Senator DeMint needs more voices to back him and the voting record of the "one" needs to be put out for the American people to see.

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Has everyone out their called their personal physician, nurses, or any and every medically associated person they know and discussed this issue? I cannot find ONE who agrees with the proposed changes. My issue with this so called "urgent" health care crisis, is that no one is discussing media wise or other, that hospitals do not fall under the same guidelines as every other business. Step into an emergency room or any hospital and ask for a price list for treatments. They refuse, because they price per patient. What makes anyone think that once they rip us to shreds with this new reform that it will be any different, the change will be higher prices, but we won't know at what percentage the increase is because there are no costs listed now. If I take my truck in for an oil change, I know how much, up front it will cost, if I order a pizza, same thing. However, with healthcare there is no current listing, they will tout they lowered costs and no one can dispute it. My vote; scrap the bill-shred it before it rips this nation apart.

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My personal thought on this is; that should a citizen see Britain, France or anywhere else as a better alternative than the American way of life, then they have been too busy looking through envious eyes rather than experiencing the American dream, which is readily available to all who are born here or come here. It is easy for them to side with that mentality, as they see themselves and many others as "victims" of the successful. And, successful need not be a rich person, or a business owner, but even a typical American worker who has been self sufficient all his/her life. Those have nots want what the haves have worked for and they think a Supreme Leader of the World will hand it to them in bigger checks and entitlements. It will not be long until we see it winecup, not long at all. Sad!

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Great Analysis, how true that non-hunters see only on the surface. And, you are right on target with the "I must have heard wrong", many of us will research to find out if what we heard was right and why it was being said in the first place, while others who think they heard wrong will move on and never question it again. It's the difference in taking cover when the alarm sounds or being sucked up into a cyclone. Once inside the cyclone you're tossed around like a rag doll with absolutely no control of where you will land or if you'll survive. When the threat is real, take cover.

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No, I am not much for conspiracy theory either, still I read about them so I know where those who do subscribe to them are in their thoughts and reasoning. So far I have researched grants and one stood out, "mass stress". Glad to hear there are others who are witnessing the same push that I am. And, you are right there is little resistence, nor fear of any on the horizon, which gives steam to a harder, faster push.

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Oh I hadn't noticed the date on Founding Father's phase. Sorry about that. : )

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You have a co-worker that will not talk to you because you didn't vote for Obama! Therein lies the mentality that separates us from them. Now, I have heard of family members not speaking to each other, and I myself refuse to talk politics with my father because he is a rabid Obama supporter, and I mean rabid-he thinks Obama should rule the world. Make as much noise as you are comfortable with, because not making any at all will wear on you and you will have handed over your free speech rights, we don't want that to happen, you need those so you can teach your children how precious they are.

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I have never commented back, they are hateful and what I consider extremist. But, I get a view into what combacks I will most likely hear should I end up in a debate with one in my own area. And, there are hundreds of thousands of their comments that are blazen and some border on evil, that I do have to skip through to find the ones that use false truths to tout what they think is truth. I have even read a few that have the consitution backward. It is just another way to educate and gain knowledge for yourself about how far these people are over the cliff of irrational thinking.