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For sure! And the fishy Czar might as well have my home address and email addy for her little list! What a crock! And the leftists hated the Patriot Act! At least there was someone ELECTED accountable for that one! This is pure thuggery. And Obama, we ARE watching and were not BORN YESTERDAY. They just hate it when we use Alinsky's Rules for Radicals against them!!!!!

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Of course that is what he wants. The Dems have been after this 'gem' for a long time---they control agriculture, industrial production, banking, education, the media, and now they will add healthcare to the list. In a very short time, they will also control energy production and distribution, communication, housing and food distribution. And when that happens, look out. If you are not a 'friend' you will literally be left out in the cold. We are hanging by a thread right now, a slim thread, that can easily be broken. And then what--where in the world can any of us go to find a good life????? Nowhere, man!

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Right after September 11, I began warning people that armageddon might be fast approaching, but it would not be between us and Islamic jihad, but rather communism and jihad (both totalitarian states). I think our country will be sliced up like a pie--and who wouldn't be wanting it? Some of the best farm ground in the world, all kinds of diverse wild life and natural resources, and clueless mindless people who can be easily manipulated and forced into 'government causes' and 'work efforts.' We are almost there.
Those of us protesting remember freedom and a carefree life. We remember when America led the world in industrial production and innovation. Where has that spirit gone? Are we all like sheep? So lazy that a government 'subsidy' and 'plan' can buy us all out and sell us down the river to folks who will gladly teach us how to become a third world country and strip us bare of anything of any kind of value. We HAVE to RESIST and FIGHT!

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I bet you are right and I never considered that. I don't think folks around here can take more of his plans, instead of some real action. JOBS!

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Cash for Clunkers may just become Cash For Carter, the next time one of these rogue nations grab another American and hold them hostage or have bogus trials......

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Yes, we realize that 0 money in the bank means debt! The American people (for the most part) knows that you cannot spend your way to prosperity without taking HUGE risks. My life and my family and my freedom mean too much to me to take big risks on 'maybe' policies. We know Obama has shot up the debt! And we also know that we have little to see from all that spending at least in middle class, mid-America! No jobs getting created here--in fact we are seeing a mini-collapse in stores and commercial business endeavors. And like anything in life, when there is little choice between food, cars, restaurants, or health care plans and providers, you see an over-all depressing effect on both the economy and the 'general happiness' and 'contentment' of folks. I tell you, everyone I know (except the far-far left) would like to run these hooligans right out of DC on a rail---all of them!!!! And tempers are bound to flare come fall when construction goes back down again and all that stim money has NOT been spread ANYWHERE, and even the routine maintenance jobs provided by the state and feds begin to fall apart. Something has GOT to give and Obama should limit the traveling and fashion show by his wife, cut HIS budget and staff down to bear bones and transfer some of that 'wealth' back to the folks so THEY can spread it where it is needed in the form of TAX RELIEF!

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Where's mine? I don't work anymore, but I still have a + balance sheet and pay income taxes because I put money into investments. I have not seen any breaks---quite the contrary. People love to demonize me now. I am about 40 pounds over ideal weight (although I think I have only been 'ideal' about 9 months in my entire life), I have property and I speak my mind. And oh yes, I am married to a 'right wing extremist' veteran. I have never spent one minute in jail and have never asked for help from ANYONE else for anything! So why I can't I get some of that reward for being a good little taxpayer?????

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I think the 'student/tourists' were plants to get inside Iran and spy and where can you spy better than inside a prison? You will hear all the stories, get the straight 'dope' about who is really in power and who is not, much better than trying to mingle while sleeping in a western based hotel overnight, etc. We probably won't see these 'kids' released anytime soon, and they will be lucky to keep their heads if they have ANY ties at all to Israel or Judaism. I think the basic Russian on the street probably admires the West, but fears freedom because they know what happens when dictators crack down on too much, so they are leery of us and see us in terms of 'being spoiled.' And perhaps 'hypocritical.' And isn't that what Obama is saying too? His wife wears $500/pair sneakers to a soup kitchen and that is ok, but people who spend and extra $500 per year on gas in an SUV are being 'selfish.' Today Obama said the Indiana factories are 'coming out of it.' And said something about auto sales. I have to laugh! Elkhart does not produce cars. They produce RVs. And what season of the year is this???Summer! Of course they might be getting orders right now, but compare this year's net with say 2005 and I think you will see a HUGE difference in sales to the negative. Why cannot this President and Congress figure out that the American people don't believe a word of what is coming out of their mouths and are being VERY careful right now because they don't know where the Dems will slap them the most. I cannot wait until someone else--either GOP or Independent gets put in so we can have some kind of predictability and stability again!

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Yeah, it's called 'rehabilitation of your image.' Now he can go down in history not as the schmuck who cheated on his wife and was intimate with a subordinate half his age, but as a bona fide 'hero.' Gag me.

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I'd still like to know what military equipment or how many barrels of oil this escapade cost us? I'd also like to know if Bill would have done this 'heroic deed' if the journos in question had been say....Greta VanSusteran and Sean Hannity? Something tells me that they'd still be sitting there. I don't recall the US government bending over backward to get the FOX NEWS reporter Steve Centari out of Palestinian hands nor did Daniel Perl get 'sprung.' Perhaps you have to have some NBC NEWS connections to get the Bill Clinton treatment. If you work for FOX or WSJ, forget it. And I'd sure like to REALLY know what Ling and friend were doing along the N. Korean border, anyhow. Perhaps they WERE spying. I wouldn't put it past Obama, who certainly doesn't trust the CIA. Same with the 'students' found straying into Iran from Iraq...what the heck were 'tourists' doing in that region anyway and especially after the recent trouble in Iran. If I were in the CIA right now, I'd quit and let the Clintons handle everything.