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asscrack? Wow, it is almost like you came up something bew all on your own.
Hide? You think I hide? Ok. uh huh. Sure.

Romney is a progressive and it is so very interesting that you have nothing to offer disputing that.
Imagine that........maybe that is because you know it to be true and just don't want to admit it.
Romney is almost as much of a joke as Barry. Heck, in some ways, he is moreso. Barry lied a lot better and hig is records a lot better.

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Mitt Romney is a progressive "Republican". a RINO. a republican in name only.
Mitt Romney is a fake and a fraud, a run of the mill lying politicians, JUST LIKE BARRY.

Mitt Romney is a SLAP in the face to the entirety of the Liberty movement, TEA Party included.
The Democrat controlled establishment GOP, along with the Democrat controlled media, is ramming him down the throats of Americans - getting the sheep to think that he is something different from Obama. The only thing different about him is the color of his skin.

Pretty good deal for them huh? Romney wins, they retain the Big Government progressivism and get their race card back too.

Turn away from the CORRUPT political faction as George Washington warned!
Reject their chosen ones. Choose yourself.

Vote Liberty.
Vote Sarah.

If the PEOPLE band together and vote Sarah, FIRST, she ain't going to say "No". and SECONDLY, what are they going to? Claim that we are not allowed to vote for someone outside the choices they provide for us?

See the scam for what it is and refuse to play along with it. Understand that a President Romney will be just like a Pres__nt Obama. Government will continue to grow and usurp liberty and it will continue to spend more than even common sense allows as reasonable. Mandates will continue and prohibitions will increase.

Romney is not the answer, he is jut another problem.
So why voe for him? To vote "against" Obama?
Do you really think a vote for Romney is a vote against Obama?
Better think again.

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How man Korans have (homicide) suicide bombers set alight with their detonations?

Savages INDEED. Unthinking, mindless, animalisic zombies.

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Honesty and straightforwardness is indeed a good "energy" policy.

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Those who pull the "enter" trigger on the keyboard or at the microphone with their spoken word are warriors just the same as those who pull the trigger on that 5.56, 7.62 or even put the biscuit together with the football.

This is true because a house divided against itself cannot stand. We are all in this together, and there can be no doubt that words alone, written or spoken, are not enough by themselves - just as bullets and even detonations are not enough all alone.

The keyboard commando is as valuable as a navy seal. There it is again......that equality thing. Imagine that.

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The burden some were content for him to carry is still where it has always been.

On each one of our shoulders, always, every day.

Andrew stood up and led himself, unafraid and with tremendous courage.
He refused to let lies about him silence him. He took them on - head on.

This is what each of us must do every day.

Question with boldness - unafraid.
Have the courage to accept the truthful answers and to share them with others - just like Andrew and his friends have done AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO here one the Bigs.

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I never got to meet him in person, but I will say this much about him. I know that he inspired literally millions of people to have the courage to step up to the plate and say out loud - We Are Not Going To Just Take It Anymore.

Without a doubt, even folks like me who never got to meet him will miss him. However, in memory we can ensure that he is not forgotten - because every time someone stands up and says - I am not going to take this sitting down anymore - we can all think of a fella named Andrew who did the same thing and encouraged. as opposed to commanded, others to do the same.

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May God have mercy on your troubled soul, GlobalWarmth43.
You are going to need it.

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"pretty sure", huh?
Imagine that "feelings" deciding facts.

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And that is where you are STUPID.
You EAT, don't you.
You TRAVEL, don't you.
You went to SCHOOL didn't you?
ALL of it - SUBSIDY laced.

You lie to everyone and you lie to yourself. Ironically, you only fool yourself.