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I wonder if Barbara Boxer thought if she spoke to Harry Alfred slow enough, talking to him like a child, that he would understand her point. It was as if she thought if she enlightened him as to what other African American’s thought he would acquiesce. After all, in her mind there can be no free thinking individuals in the collective therefore because they are the same race they are and must think the same. If only she could enlighten Mr. Alfred. Instead she exposed herself as the Liberal she is. The Liberal point of view seems to be that everybody should feel the same as they do. They seem to feel so much anamosity and self loathing for their basic survival instinct and what their ancestors did that they must make amends and destroy anyone whom they believe feels the same instinct. To make amends they elevate people to victims. After all victims need reparation and feed into the Liberal feeling of helping the less fortunate. As long as they keep people as victims they keep them down. Both subjugation and elevation are forms of racism.

We need to realize our prejudices are hardwired into our subconscious and are as deeply engrained as the need to eat or mate. In Barbara Boxer’s defense our basic survival fight or flight skills can lead us to prejudgments rather than judgments. When we first crawled out from that pond scum our survival depended upon our need to easily identify both friend and foe primarily through appearance, clothing, skin color, eye color or language. This instinct is still effectively used today in war zones and even in turf wars.

The Conservative point of view regarding racism is we screwed up, let’s learn from history and not make the same mistakes. It’s easy to put aside our prejudices when we get to know people as individuals and realize people basically want the same things out of life. I applaud Harry Alfred and all the individuals who make decisions on judgment not on collectivism.

Tiffany Montano

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Green jobs? There is not one of the eco-nuts in the government that could live one year on solar energy without their air conditioners. Obama couldn't do without electricity for one day when the power went out in Hawaii. When they live (walk) the walk then then they can talk the talk. Until then it is all B/S theory which doesn't work in application.

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And because most African Americans and Hispanics have aligned with the Obama administration they will say any unrest is racially motivated. Then they get the Democrats to believe it. There is a distinct difference in ideology. I don't understand the Democratic platform. It just makes no sense to someone with common sense.

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Ask them if they are better off today than they were on November 3rd? I wrote an Op Ed that was published in African Press International explaining why I voted for McCain. I ended up turning that into a book, Environmentalism and Government Run Amuck. I have asked why people voted for Obama and the only response I have gotten is "To shake things up" and "Obama is against the war." When I pointed out to my anti-war friends that Obama was going to escalate troupes in Afghanistan they denied it. They believed he supported gay marriage. In short they didn't listen to what Obama said and saw McCain as the old, homely war monger and Obama as the young, good looking African American man. Or rather the media told them he was good looking so they bought it. Mass hysteria. We have seen it before. In Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Stalin etc. Other friends didn't even understand Socialism, Marxism or even who Karl Marx or Barrack Obama are.

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It almost seems like Biden has Alzheimer's with his some of his comments.

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Health care or health insurance?

What about the people who don't go to doctors because of religion? They will be forced to pay fore health insurance even though they won't use it. Health care is different than health insurance. Most people go to doctors to obtain prescription medication. If we put all medications over the counter this would free up doctors to treat the ill and significantly reduce health costs. I remember a time when I was sick with no money and no insurance. I called around and because I was new to the area the doctors wanted $150 for an initial visit. I needed antibiotics so I went down to the pet store and bought fish antibiotics. I was well within a couple of days and it only cost me less than $10. I have a friend who is a nurse. Her dog was put on chemo drugs. She had to buy them at a pharmacy with a prescription. Because the prescription was written by the vet instead of a doctor the pharmacist told her she saved hundreds of dollars. People die when they forget to refill asthma medicine. Having these meds over the counter would save lives and reduce costs but the people who want control over our lives don't think we are capable of controlling our own medical care, our own finances or our own destiny.

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The biggest problem with problem with this website is a navigation issue. When I want to reply I am lucky if I can find the post to reply to. Having said that, I would like to reply to Belle T.

What I prefer to be called is Tiffany, however I was responding to a man who said he preferred to be called Black instead of African American.

Too many people on this site go off half cocked because they fail to read the full text and conversations leading up to those comments. There is too much negativity and too many games played on this website. It's loosing it's way.

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If the birth certificate is correct the term "first African American president" would be correct. I think people should be called what ever they want to be called. The reality is we will never achieve equality until we stop talking about the best African American, Hispanic, female, gay or what ever candidate and instead look at the best qualified candidate. We need to celebrate our differences instead of trying to level the playing field and create a world of mud.

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Unfortunately they use the Christian name to hide their agenda.