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Ladies: Watch your surroundings, even in the daytime and carry 'pepper spray' with quick release.

As soon as someone pinches your butt (as the story states) because he is trying to get you to turn around, mace the son-of-a-biotch and kick 'em while he's down too.

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Poor girl. Thank goodness she has a strong family support system. I read she just moved here, trying to start a new life, after a divorce. So sad, something like this had to happen, with high hopes for a new fresh start. . Hopefully, she'll make a full and speedy recovery. With today's medical lasers, her scars will be less visible. Thank goodness her eyes and mouth were not burnt, by the solution.

Really hoping LE finds the person that did that attacked her; they need to be behind bars for years, years, years..... Any video surveillance? Maybe a reward will lead to someone 'ratting' her attacker out.

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kbs48 is a troll. Negative, just like their rep score. Don't feed the trolls. Click 'ignore'.

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Wow! All I can say is 'how'. How could a son attack, so viscously, his own parents. And the report says he wasn't high on anything? Naturally, one would think Meth was involved. Such a tragic situation. When you look at the their son's eyes, in his mugshot, it's a blank canvas. Completely soulless.

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I found an awesome deal, off of Craigslist, on a car over 3 years ago from a private seller. I rather deal with private sellers than with car salesmen. Good thing for websites which can run VIN numbers. Also, always have the car owner go with you to a mechanic near their home, not their mechanic, one you pick out. The car owner drives the car for sale, you follow in your car. If the car owner won’t agree to this term before hand, then the deal is off. If the car owner has nothing to be concerned about and really wants to sell the car, then they will be more than happy to attend the mechanics with you.

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Well of course he is doing great and finishing up his community service on time; the guy has nothing else to do, with his career in the dumps. He threw it all away.....

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Who cares, JZ, why even bother with more name brands.... Geesh, he made 65 million last year, does he really need to make more.....dough, by overdoing his name. Spend more time with your bootylicious wife

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What a loco chica. How dare that biotch touch his beautiful face.

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Yeah, right he never lied and his crap smells like roses too (rolls eyes). Really want this tool to go away, but I guess as long as Sarah P. is in the news, this jughead will be around.

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Well, according to Terri's divorce lawyer.... she did not come up with the $350.000. He suggested that a third party paid Houze and that the court will have to determine if the payment constitutes a marital asset.

3rd party, eh? What 3rd party would that be? Some book rights, Houze shopped around, maybe?