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I see that the Terri supporters are out in full to give other peoples' opinions the thumbs down. Well, if this is their motive than what the heck, they are only delaying a recovery of a Child's Life. They are all A Hole's, JMO

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In the State of Oregon is it called the 'Baker Act' ?, this Broad is wacko...

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Shaloobies, Kazombas, Hoganatorers, Set, Titties, Rack, The Girls, its endless, I LMAO over this one. Why don't the Educators concern themselves with issues far more important such as bullying , meth and other drug use, safe sex , giving back to a Community or to a cause etc. Maybe these Brats thought they were doing a good deed, LOL. jeez, how about Testicular Cancer AKA as Ball Sack , Nuts , My Boys , Take a breath People life is too short.

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Okay Folks, The BIG 'O' has come to the rescue..........Desiree and Kaine will be on Oprah this Thurs., talking about THE case.....with any luck the Red Squirrel will be so.....jealous, she will snap and tell all, this Woman has more Power than Obama, and if she can't get to the truth well then.........

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OMG, this situation is becoming sadder by the day, what the H E L L will it take to find out what happened to him and or where Kyron is ?

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Hey, we are ALL tired , perhaps TH'S support group can carry the torch, I am so.... tired of the BS behind this Gang of Losers! Kyron has not been returned nor will he unless the 'Red Rodent' comes to her senses.

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Today after 97 days and the fact that it is Kyron's BD, I would have thought this would be the Perfect Day for Kyron to be returned, this sadly is not the case, is apparent that the People involved are NOT going to 'Fold' , what next?

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Sorry Folks, it has been 96 days and where is Kyron? I would Love nothing better than for this wee boy to be home, it appears to me that regardless of his 1 st day of School or his Birthday on Sept 09, he is still missing. A Terri's FB support group member alleges that something 'big' is going to happen, and this was yesterday... what could this be?, short of mental cruelty for all involved, yes this Group tends to attract the mentally and sexually deranged, enough said.

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Lovely gesture, its just too bad Kyron will not be there to enjoy his day.

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Great, School begins and Kyron is not sitting at his desk, why is this?