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He faces a mandatory min of 15 years.
Throw the max at him and he will be in there for life

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It was an assault charge back in 2008. I believe she got into a fight when she was about 18, out in Beaverton.

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Compare her mugshot from above (which KATU has posted her 2008 mugshot) to her current mugshot. Looks like a classic METH Head! Lost weight and has pick marks all over her cheeks.

Here is her mug from today through the Mult. County Sheriff's office .

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With that much money, you would think she could upgrade her appearance, geesh!

Thanks for stealing from the hard working people! Hope you get years in jail!

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It does look like an Australia mouse spider, however the coloring is different. Also, looks like a funnel web spider.

But, the trapdoor spider is more likely it.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trapdoor_spider

Either way, I'd would flip out if I saw that. Flip.

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Who's Dawn? Oh wait, looks like KATU printed the wrong name. Her name is actually Angela.

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Their neighbor Anna Bute said she had noticed that the family had been doing repair work on a car parked on the property every night for the past weeks. The effort included swapping parts a second vehicle, the same make and model car.

He knew....I mean...who does that? Goes out gets the exact vehicle to cover up a crime. These people are a bunch of degenerates.

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I have a family of 4 and we recycle everything by the guidelines and even put all of our food scraps into the compost....but we barely get by every two weeks trying to keep garbage from overflow. The first thing I thought about when the new garbage guidelines went into effect was....'I feel sooo sorry for people with newborns'. Man, when you have a newborn, the diapers are a never ending story. I was wondering what people would do with diapers.

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Good, sweeping house. Still need to arrest more of her family members that were helping Ashley cover up her crime and arrest Angela's husband who was helping swap out the car parts at their home. There is no way that her husband didn't know. Who brings a friend's damage car to their home, keep it hidden for 2 months, then start swapping parts out with another car? Someone who knows too much.....

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Like Ashley and Josh Chavez, I have a brother that is an Irish twin (only 13 months apart). However, I have a conscience and my brother is a proud Marine........even if I hesitated for a moment, my bro would give me a speech what the 'right thing to do was'......in this case, turn myself right away.