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I hope, above all, that God helps your family find peace. It will be very difficult to make it through the coming months, but it is my sincerest hope that God wraps you in his arms and you are all able to find peace.

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What a great example of responsible cat ownership. These cats have all been to the vet and have been completely catered to since they moved in with Kathy! I think it's GREAT!!

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So, since the comment was deleted by the administrator, I didn't see what kind of disrespectful nonsense was spewed, but, now that you have brought it up, why did you spell it that way? Is your name Danda as the person above suggests? Do you have a big roar?

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This happens a whole lot more than one might think. It's certainly refreshing that they are prosecuting because I don't think that they do very often. This woman was mighty brazen though. I hope she has to pay back every single penny and then some!!!!

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Wow! It seems to me that the mom might have some stress/anger issues that she might want to work on. I do know that it's definitely hard to raise children and a crying baby could possibly take someone to the end of their rope. I think that the flight attendant probably did the right thing, even if just to give the mom the breather that she needed.

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It's very nice to see so much community support in a city as large as Portland! I hope they raise truckloads of money! :)

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.... haha! Terri really has her fooled.

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Wow! This woman was so wrapped up in herself that she didn't see any other options even though they were plentiful! Those poor kids!

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I think Kyron's wall of hope should be moved to the church that overlooks the school. It just seems up close and personal, yet keeps strangers at arms length of the school at the same time.

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What an EXCELLENT idea! I'm so glad the sale is going well. This is one mom who was looking ahead! :)