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Given her age, and the fact that she never complained about it back when it happened AND that it was consensual, this sounds more like a case of fraternization than a sex crime. Now, if the girl were 12 or 13, then I'd say a crime occurred. But 17? No way - 17 yr olds are dropping out of school, having babies, and getting married in some cases, at their discretion. It's time they take responsibility. Can't have it both ways.

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Might that be a tear? ;)

Yeah, pass the box of Kleenex, please!

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This sounds a lot like the Susan Smith and Diane Downs cases. The mother probably snapped and accidentally killed this poor kid, or else she offed him to get back at the father of the kid. I'm not buying her story one bit.

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My daughter went to the Virgin Islands for a week and racked up $225 in roaming charges just from texting. But, I don't see how this girl could have racked up $500 for just one day. She should try and see if she got hacked or something. Something's not right.

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From what I've read about this case, the only likely suspect is Bimla Boyd. She's already been convicted of at least one murder, and all the evidence and reliable witnesses point directly to her.

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No wonder they brought the K9 sniffer in - this guy looks stoned out of his mind.

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I find it disgusting that it's not enough for him to admit killing his dad, but he has to drag his name through the mud now. I have my doubts about whether the father molested anybody, but rather, I think it's this scum's lame excuse and just trying to blame someone else for his own evil behavior.

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There is a lot of assumption being made about why the dogs didn't bark, etc etc. Maybe the dogs DID bark and maybe the intruder was on drugs and didn't give a darn about the dogs. I don't think there's "more to the story" as some of you are saying, just given the facts that have been relayed so far. I know a lot of people that have dogs and they still get burglarized.

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Wow, I wonder why they waited a day to announce there was a body in the jeep. Well, I'm sure we all know whose body it is. It's just so sad that Cody Myers had to cross paths with these monsters. He was a totally innocent victim. My prayers are with his family.