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Please get out a dictionary and learn to spell the words you wish to use. I have no idea what your point is because every other word is mutilated. While your view looks like one that TH would try and pound down our throats, you may mean something totally different. A review of punctuation would also be helpful.

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Because I was speaking about TH supporters that I have, myself, interacted with, how could this possibly relate to you and why are you taking it so personally? I did not in any way mention your name, your comments, or say it was about you. This is my own opinion of people who have interacted with me here on this forum. My statement above had nothing whatsoever to do with you. I also did not "accuse you of having personal exchanges" with TH. I had merely asked for your feedback on any you might have had. While I appreciate your input, I think it is a bit off subject and so, with that said, I will pull the lever for the emergency slide, take my two beers and drop out of this particular thread.

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Since I have personally exchanged messages with "oneshot1" and a couple of TH's other personalities, I share only my personal experiences. If you choose to denigrate that by calling me "prejudiced and ignorant", then go ahead. Please let me know what you learned from your personal exchanges with TH.

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I believe LE made specific reference to witnessing anything happening around a white truck in the FM parking lot. As an example, if I saw a mother yank a kid out of her truck, it would make me mad and I would remember it. If, three months later, I saw on tv they were looking for someone who saw something around a white truck in a parking lot and I instantly remember someone yanking that kid out, voila! I would call LE immediately. I think that is what they are looking for regarding the white truck. I believe they think an incident happened, be it ever so small, and they are looking for people whose memory might be jogged.

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Good point. TH and her not-so-bright supporters have been on here posting since the beginning. They are easily spotted by their 1) new identities, 2) low score, 3) misspellings and bad grammar, 4) rants against Kaine and Desiree, 5) narcissistic/smarter-than-you attitude. There are also a few plain wack jobs who really are just desperate for attention, but negative attention is all they feel they deserve. Luckily TH and her stuffed animal DD will be offline soon enough. And then I suppose the wack jobs will still be saying TH is innocent just to get more negative attention until they are put in a home.

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I burst out laughing when I read this. Thanks for the levity in the midst of such grisly news!

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It makes me laugh and dance that no dehumanizing comments are needed for you! You are kind enough to do it all for us with your pompous ass statements and references taken directly from the encyclopedia you checked out of the library on your mother's card.

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Good!!!! I hope she has a new hairdo and a manicure and has been treated to a massage and a closet full of new clothes. The woman has lived a nightmare for two months caused by the most evil thing in Oregon since Diane Downs. Anyway, whatever sweet, kind or pampering thing that comes Desiree's way, I say whoo hoo!!! And if a giant rock falls out of the sky and falls on some fat ugly redhead, I will say whoo hoo again!

P.S. New hairdos, new clothes, manicures, all of that mean nothing to Desiree. I am sure she would trade every single thing she owns for her boy back. You, fairy queen, should be ashamed of yourself...but then maybe you are a red headed sociopath and don't know the meaning of ashamed.

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Sociopaths have no empathy, no conscience. TH doesn't give a rat's ass about anything but herself, she is the center of the universe. She would sell her fat friend DD out in nothing flat, if push came to shove. And based on the smirking DD face, I would tend to think she has the same sociopathic bent. Anyway, no matter how much you beg, plead or try to reason with the two fatties, they aren't hearing any of it. In fact, they are probably thinking about their next meal and when the new season of CSI starts. Let's hope they are in orange jumpsuits by then being courted by a couple of big mamas lookin' for love.

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Why do I think this will all end in a "Thelma & Louise" moment with the two pathetic redheads driving their car off a cliff holding hands? Wishful thinking maybe...