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Sure, but the VP didn't ....A) post it on a public forum with the intent that the world should know B) direct it at anyone as an insult, "This is a big bleep deal!" conveys excitement (albeit crassly) and not an attack on an individual. Should he have chosen better words? Absolutely. Did he intend for the world to hear him? Absolutely not. Ms. Palin's tirade of filth (not just one f bomb) was meant to insult, intimidate, and to be seen by the masses. Huge difference.

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Hahahaha! Love how she managed to plug Dancing With the Stars during her sincere apology. I read the Facebook stuff and it was so crude, so offensive - that this "please vote for me on DWTS" apology falls far short. Let's see...Track was ordered to choose between the military or jail after cutting the brake lines on a SCHOOL BUS. Bristol does plenty of illegal partying and gets knocked up at 17. Willow (next in line) and friends break into the house of a neighbor who is on vacation, throw a party, and vandalize the place to the tune of $20,000. Yet $arah Palin keeps harping about her superior family values and her fierce "mama grizzly" ways. It just doesn't add up. Like everything else that the Palin family spews, it's hogwash. Any family can have a kid make bad choices and lose their way....but to have ALL three of your teens (now older) earn reputations as hardcore underage drinkers and spitting on the laws that Mama supposedly holds so dear?? That tells me that Sarah Payme has her priorities horribly askew and that if you don't want to put in the time and energy to RAISE five kids, perhaps you shouldn't HAVE five kids. And yes, I'd say the very same thing about any man who spouted off about his moral and ethical superiority while his family imploded around him. $arah needs to stop being such a fame hound and clean up her own backyard.

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I would think the purpose is to show that while everyone else was out of their minds with worry over a little boy that had just disappeared, his stepmother was busy sending dirty text messages to her husband's pal. If you are wondering whether your child is alive or not, whether they're hurt, or scared, or are probably not feeling frisky and open to new relationships. Thsi tells me that Terri wasn't wondering where Kyron was, she already knew.

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You just made my day.

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How ridiculous! Newsflash -nature is unpredictable. Why don't they just sue gravity for causing the rock to fall?

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They refer to anyone who gives them info as a "source". I'm sure this person is a friend of Terri's who has been talking to KATU. The phrasing is misleading, as if it's a party who works for KATU. But a "source" can be the mailman, her hair stylist, one of her numerous lovers, etc

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Now is not the time to be judgmental. We don't KNOW that the keys were easily accessible. We don't KNOW that this six-year-old wasn't schooled on gun safety. We don't know anything other than a kid got into a locked cabinet that he wasn't supposed to and is clinging to life. If it turns out that the gun owner/parents were irresponsible then I'll be first in line to call them idiots - but right now I can only imagine their sorrow and fear. My heart goes out to this family.

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or unload the guns.

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Dear Bobby Sherman.......

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Inside job....they knew it would take two people to punch in the access code and knew which two people that would be??