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What an impressive resume! Sad.

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What a great news for a change! May God bless the Good Samaritan rescuer! What a beautiful heart!

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Bully parents are responsible for raising bully kids, it is time to start punishing parents of bully kids that is the only way parents will take time to raise decent kids. I don't care if you give me million thumbs down, this is the fact. If you care about lives only through honesty we can solve these sad preventable problems. Our kids should not feel that they are going to war and/or jungle when they go to school, kids should worry about projects and homeworks and not if they are going to be safe from bullets. What a shame! Feeling sad and expressing opinions everytime we hear these kind of ugly incidents, is not a solution, the solution is to start a harsh punishment for the parents of bully kids. Enough is Enough.

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The dad is stupid and useless creature and don't have anything more to say about him, but what makes me so upset is the grand parents, who are talking now after the fact, how come they didn't take action to expose this idiot and his stupid crimes. Lord! The grand parents should have gone to child protection service and stopped this crime long time ago.

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Well said!

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Twelve-year-old is a child himself, why would the parents involved let this child be responsible for several babies and toddlers, it is ridiculous. I suggest to arrest all the parents involved, those knew and allowed the little boy to take care of several kids, shame on them, they are the one needed to go to jail. My Lord!

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You said it all, God bless you.

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I am so proud of all the passangers in the bus who left the bus with the mother and the child, may God bless you all, that is what I call humanity, that is what I call compassion, that is what I call love in action. May God bless you and all your love ones abundantly, you make me so proud. If one can't tolerate a baby crying, he/she needs immediate hospital check up.

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Compassion and kindness break langauage barriers. With your high reputation score in this forum, I thought you were a person of principle.

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Finally, a good example of a good mother, a self-less mother trying to rescue her child, May God bless you mom. Tired of hearing a news, moms killing their children, for a change this is a great news. Really great one. But I hope both mom and a child feel great soon, and hopefully the injury they are facing is not complicated. That is how mom's supposed to do, children come first. Mothers please learn something from this example, instead of hiring criminal lawyers to defend yourself after the fact your kid is missing or found out to be killed.