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And pretty much the checklist for HR in screening on air talent at Fox.

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I thought Ailes is the creepy uncle papa Murdoch leaves the kids with while he goes off hunting strange.

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Well, if said in true MW immigrantese it sounds like 3 words. To me growing up there was Chicago among most people and this near mystical place she cah go my father's family spoke of in their thick Euro accents.

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Sounds like the governor was pre-answering the shrieky white people screaming "where were the parents" since the girl was apparently unsupervised for a few minutes. Which, as bad as the shitstorm about JonBenet Ramsey got, you never heard pre-emptively turned into a digression on the plight of the white community by a public figure.

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Do you recall how much screeching and gnashing of teeth there was in the wingnut zone when Obama had the temerity to suggest a good Supreme Court Justice would have empathy for the parties involved in disputes? Being able to see others' perspectives is considered a defect by the GOP. Especially since that capacity occasionally leads people to change their minds.

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Everywhere, sadly.

Because people are stupid and like shiny objects like "lower taxes" and "less government", and particularly for scared, straight white people "not giving special rights to special interests"*. If anything, I'm surprised that we ever elect people with the slightest bit of broad empathy for others, given how easy it seems to be for sociopaths to manipulate the levers of power in most democracies.

*Other than business oriented special interests who generally are cool with the lower taxes and less government, with a little corporate welfare as a kicker.

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Oh, the bloody 8th. So very sorry for you. But hey, Evansville can be nice.

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And the fourth is Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

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Well, we did wipe out dozens of indigenous nations, tried to conquer Canada repeatedly, propped up vicious regimes in Africa through our support of the slave trade and kinda sorta thought the only people who should have any rights were property owning white men. So if that's a trade you wanna make, you go right ahead. Me I'll take the warts on modern humanity over the 18th century any day.

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And apparently a return to excise taxes and tariffs to fund what government action is allowed. Don't quite know how that would square with either the business community or our obligations with the WTO, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be received well.