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My congressional office would look exactly like my real office: papers piled and distributed across every surface, dirty coffee cups, and half of a week old tuna salad sandwich in the 20 year old dorm room fridge. But hey, I WORK there.

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He's just still mad his job was to open doors for a blah man.

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Such melodrama! I was already disgusted with the actions of the NYPD in turning their backs on their boss at public funerals. God forbid they might consider for just one lousy moment that their actions and attitudes matter.

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Same here.

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When I first heard about Malia and Sasha eye-rolling the president, I thought, if that's what they're doing they're going about it wrong. I think that is actually called a side-glance.

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Looks like a mild case of rosacea to me. I think there's a cream for that.

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It's the sort of sentiment that presidents only seem to manage in retrospect, of course.

I saw Bush Sr. and Jr. on the teevee this morning and neither seemed to have any retrospective sentiments of that nature. Of course, I only watched for about 90 seconds, so it's possible. Not really.

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She loves all the guns, wants to end all ‘bortions and drug test everybody on welfare, and insists that the First Amendment only “guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion"

Go back to school kid, the 1st Amendment's second clause does guarantee freedom from religion.

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I clicked on this for a cat video. I feel cheated.

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And she's still your cleaning lady?