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"This isn’t exactly the fight I think Republicans wanted to have"

Gravely-voiced Commissioner Gordon: but it's the fight you fucking deserve

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/early 2013, 8 PM

Colleague: burnin' the midnight oil, eko?
Mr. Eko: just doin' what needs to be done
Colleague: just sayin' man, this ain't like the private sector. Overtime in the government isn't as liberal as it is in consulting firms.
Mr. Eko: Don't care. Just happy to be here and not have to worry about some mouthbreathing ingrate at the top cut me loose because they're too inept to understand the importance of what I do.
Colleague: Um...
Mr. Eko: what?

/September 30

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Oh! To live with mine bonnie lass down under!
Where our days shall be filled with joy and wonder!
But we won't last til prom ; I divulged all to your mom,
And soon the state shall rend us asunder.

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Fools! She's just driving the suicide vest maker to the safehouse, but snapping his neck cuz he fled!


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Before the cool done run out i'll be giving it my bestest
And nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention
But if you reject me, you're a man hating lesbian
So, I won't hesitate, no more
- Jason MRAz

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hand my testicles over to Marlo

Whoa. I totally missed that episode of The Wire.

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If this ever reaches anyone - in an life-imitates-life-lessons kinda thing - fucking with the Brazilians last week has given my account the herp. It's not an all consuming herp, mind you, in fact sometimes it's not a problem during the day hours, but at night I am always finding myself deleted by the admin. I just wanted to have a little fun on a Saturday night.

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So the Tigers are 2 outs away from sweeping the Yankees. Are you saying this debate thing is supposed to be a bigger blowout?

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D’Souza became a non-presence on the college’s official Facebook page throughout 2012

Yeah! That'll show wait what?

/at Berkeley they impeach via Pinterest

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Candy would have tuck-rolled the landing and wouldn't have broken her leg. This makes her deft move even more epic.