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Tetanus is one of the most undignified and painful ways to die that you are probably lucky enough to not think of. I saw a farm animal once that had it.

(I know what you meant, though.)

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Is whatever school it is that gave her a journalism degree still accredited?

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Would you believe that there are job opportunities for poor people in Texas to walk the poor neighborhoods in Texas with large wheelbarrows, calling at intervals, "BRING OUT YOUR DEEEEAD"?

Okay, maybe you don't. But when my kids' doctor (this, in my Texas days) was giving one of them a vaccination, he told me that he had seen an actual case of tetanus. A woman in a small town near us had given birth under the care of a midwife, and I do not mean the kind of midwife that has actual medical training and a nursing degree or maybe even knowledge of the alphabet, and the midwife had tied off the baby's umbilical cord with something like baling wire, and that baby died most horribly.

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Aristotle in the Bible Belt? That's quite a curiosity.

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All these years we have been told that Jeb is "the smart Bush", and I just saw an article that said he repeated ninth grade.

Think about those morons you knew in high school who did not have to repeat a grade.


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I see what you did there.

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Oh, Rachel. It's Wil-LAM'-it, dammit.

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Blake Farenthold is totally gross without going into any of these details ever. But Our Wonket just had to, didn't we? and now there is a run on eyeball bleach.

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And the Cover Oregon (Obamacare) fiasco didn't help. That might be a reason why the state press was all meanies with Kitzhaber. Not ONE person enrolled in Obamacare under our stupid and expensive state system to insure people. It is really very irritating to think about Cover Oregon, especially when Kentucky made a flawless system.

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When I moved here, Governor Kulongoski had just been elected, following Kitzhaber's first two terms. People made faces about Kulongoski. He had no charisma. I kind of like that in elected officials, and I loved Governor Kulongoski.

Kitz was mostly a good governor, but he sure picked the wrong woman to stand by.