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As the average salary for oil rig workers, aka roughnecks, averages between $35-100K now, even adjusted for the times when this asshat was a kid, seems to me dad made well above what the poor folk generally pull in per annum. So bootstraps:FAIL once again.

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It's pretty telling that he's painted as a white dude, and he's basically fine with that. Also, his resemblance as a white dude to Alfred E. Newman is indeed striking. If that was what he was going for.

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I'm okay with the part about kale, because, fuck kale.

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Well, god forbid someone gets paid enough to afford to live in one of the single units of a Public Storage in Colma and use the restroom at the Chevron to wash up/do their business.

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I wish the Skil Saw of The Gods would cut off Texas and push it out to sea and make it The Island of Lost Mexicans. That'd learn 'em.

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Like I always say, we should just grind them up and use them for fertilizer. The Rich, I mean.

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Fox's eagerness to use any event, however tragic, to their own bizarre, incoherent ends is truly disgusting.

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Are we calling blow-up dolls "girlfriends" now?

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He SO never has had sex, not counting his hand.