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May a rabid camel vomit Palin word shit salad in Bill "Always Wrong" Kristols' and John "Never Right" McCains' tapioca pudding.

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Geographical, not anatomical. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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As a canosewer of fine restrooms from Barstow to Bangor, I have witnessed flotillas of flatulence, cavalcades of cocktuggers, movements of movements, armies of assholes and unions of urinators...but I've yet to lay eyes upon even one parade of genitalia.

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......I’ll arrest you for resisting arrest....
Jim Hoff has some new stiff competition for the Stupidest Man On the Internet.

This cop is stunningly stupid.

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I believe Rep. Weber was referring to Paris, Texas.

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Waiting for Napolitano to flaunt his Columbo expertise on why Cheney and friends "framed" Valerie Plame.

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Bill Donohue talks about his first time:
"My first time was in an outhouse outside Lynchburg, Virginia. After I kicked the goat out I had my way with Mrs. Shapiro. She was a loud ol' gal, scared the beegeevers out of her young son Ben who peeped us through an outhouse hole."

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Makes sense she'd quit halfway through her strip.
Also, too she needs the dough.

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Fox 45 is to news as Colt 45 is to beer.

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Hasn't everyone taken a header or two hiking the slippery slopes of the Appalachian Trail/Treadmill.